Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ciao amigos

I've learned to dance in the rain pretty well and it's refreshing. But anyway I am away for a while because life gets in the way of blogging or blogging in the way of life. My treshold is not high as you might know so before I completely start spinning I have to retreat. So I work through my things I have to do and than come back to visit you again. Because i can't miss ya. Hope you understand. See you soon. Don't know when,but you'll see.
Ciao Marja


  1. hey hope to see you back soon...sad we wont get to read you for some time :(

  2. Have fun, and I hope to see you very soon back.

    Ik zal je missen en ik hoop dat je af en toe mijn blog nog eens bezoekt en hopelijk eens een emailtje stuurt (email adres kan je vinden in mijn blog)

  3. Oh, that´s a pity. You where a very good blogger and story teller. We will sure miss you.

  4. hope you wont take long!!!

    loved the sentence! very true and wise!

    and Majorca it's truly beautiful! I went there onde and loved it! :)

    thanks for your nice words on my blog anda hope to see you there again sonn!

    big kiss! :)))

  5. Oh, I just get cracking, finding more time to get to my favourite blogs, and you're off. :-) We understand though ... yes, one must dance in the rain! Have a nice break. :-)

  6. I hope you come back soon again! I miss you already,Marja!

  7. I hope all is well Marja and see you when you get back.

    PS I love dancing in the rain.

  8. Marja!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I believed you when you said your family saw that strange creature called a Moa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I looked it up!!!!!!!!
    Well at least I am smarter than before I looked it up, you got me on that one!!!!!
    Have a good rest and then come back to us!!!!!!

  9. hallo gaat alles laat het me weten..............

    groeten pieter.

  10. See you when you feel ready, Marja. Now who's going to say nice things? Search me!

  11. i'll miss you Marja......

    take good care and be back soon.


  12. Take good care of you, Marja.
    See you when you come back!

  13. Marja , please don't go for too long. We need you! xx

  14. OK marja, See you whenever you feel like it again I will miss you!!!

    Just was thinking that a =female friend of me is starting a writersgroup (Canada) I would like to give her your blogadress, but only if you want me to...

    Just let me know if its allright, by answering me on my blogcomments?

    I love that Great sky..

    Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)
    Watch my friday's ABSTRACT sky

    Have a wonderfull week end:)

  15. Marja,
    I will miss your voice. Take care of yourself and we will see you if and when you are ready! Live in love, peace and wellness.

  16. Thanks all for the nice comments. I was so busy this week Need still a few days to relax. I will have to have breaks from time to time this year to keep blogging.

    Hi Joann you can always pass on my blog but I don't have much time at the moment for stories. Just stopped with writers Island.

  17. Hi marja,
    Hope you are well. I can't take a hint and have got an award waiting for you....you know, just to entice you to blog again! Come by and collect it please.

  18. Hi Marja! I totally understand about needing to take a break -- I have to do the same every now and then!

  19. looks like we were away at the same time...I was head deep..I still am! But looks like you are back and I am still busy!


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