Sunday, 3 February 2008


A poem and part two of a story for writers Island. The prompt was magic
Magic gypsy dance by marja blom
lifted into wonder of a mystical night wakened by crying violins Moonlight illuminates untouchable feet of a swirling beauty who calls the one with a bitter song so sweet
Flaming black eyes enter the magic fuelled by thundering clapping Awakening the spirit of romance of two silhouettes who understand the language of gypsy dance

Part 1: The photographer
Part 2 : Prima Ballerina Anna
Elisa was already searching for weeks to get some answers to her questions after her encounter with Mark. She never heard of him again. Now she stood in front of the door of a villa where Drs Jotta lived. Drs Jotta seemed to be like her, a descendant of the Bovian people, a Gypsy group and they said she might know more.
Elisa nervously straightened her skirt and pushed the bell. A dark middle-aged lady dressed in jeans and an oversized colourful shirt opened the door. Her mouth fell open when she had a good look at Elisa and stared at her for some time. "I brought the photo as I told you about on the phone, Mrs Jotta" said Elisa quickly" as she handed over the photo. "Call me Nicola" she mumbled, while having a look at the photo. "The likeness is stunning" she said more to herself than to Elisa. " But eh sorry come in , I'll get you a drink"
When the two had settled down Nicola started straight away " The lady on the photo is prima ballerina, Anna" Anna was the daughter of a rich Gypsy man in Movanie. About a 100 years ago there were two groups of people in Movanie, the Movans and a nomadic gypsy group the Bovians. The Bovian people were becoming very influential under the strong leadership of their king. Because the Movans were afraid they would take over, one day they killed the king and his family and lots of Bovians flee the country to were we live now.

Many stayed behind and one of them was Anna. Anna was since a young age one of the best gypsy dancers. The manager of the ballet company in Movanie saw her dancing one day and asked her to study at her school. Anna became the best. The story goes that one day after her performance a man was at her dressing room to bring her a thousand roses . They say that every performance he sat on the balcony and Anna danced only for him. She was better than ever. They said that he was going to marry her but one day he disappeared and Anna fell into a big depression. A year later she became sick and died.
"Oh how horrible" Elisa softly said" do you know who the man was? and why do I and Mark look like them and....." I don't know" Nicola interrupted her. I think that man is the one we saw on your photo" It is very intriguing to me too. I am studying these people, eh my people you see. The only way that we might get some answers is to go to Movanie. Do you want to come with me Elisa?" "Yes of course" said Elisa excitedly.
Elisa had made some arrangements. She had taken some time off work and told everybody of her plans. Everybody was exited but some found that she was just following a ghost. After a couple of days the two left in the black Mercedes of Drs Nicola Jotta. It was all like magic to Elisa.
Part 3 next week


  1. Your poem was very visual. I enjoy reading something when I immediately get a visual image from the words.

  2. Marja,

    This pieces - poem and prose - remind me of the book coelo by my favorite author Paulo Coelho, "The Witch of Portobello" There are a lot of parallelism in your thoughts here with the book.

    Very powerful pieces.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  3. Your poem is beautiful and the story is intriguing and building more tension. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  4. Thanks Cricket

    I read two of his books but not that one. Must get it out than. Not before I finish it of course

    Thanks tumblewords

  5. I love the poem. Very interested to see where you take the story next.

  6. Intriguing match of poetry and prose. Both done well.

  7. beautiful! captivating! let me know when you do part 3!

    thanks for the encouraging comment you left me! I have to do a part 2 for second son but I just haven't had the time! I'll let ya know when I do. Of course we beat the odds, we did what needed to be done and ignore the ones that said it couldn't be done!!
    You go mom!

  8. I love both of these Marja!
    The poem is truly very visual and the photo is beautiful.
    Can hardly wait for the next chapter of the story!
    Beautiful job!!

  9. Hi Marja! I am enjoying this so much!! And I can't wait until next time. You have created an amazing story -- I love everything about it!
    And the "Magic Gypsy Dance" poem is really beautiful. The photos are stunning too -- it all adds up to a really lovely story.

  10. Beautiful poem. Looking forward to Part 3 of your story.

  11. Very nice poem again,Marja! I like it!
    Great story about the prima ballerina Anna!

  12. Thanks so much all of you just what I needed right now I had a really really horrible time at work

  13. "
    Moonlight illuminates untouchable feet
    of a swirling beauty who calls the one
    with a bitter song so sweet"

    lovely words Marja

  14. powerful poem... and your story, awesome...look forward to the next chapter...

  15. You took me to the gypsy caravan and your story is so intriguing, Thank YOU!

  16. Very nice poem.
    The story is catching my eye... I'll wait for the rest.

  17. lovely poem,, and i so cannot wait to find out whee the story goes... i am hoping they were them,, in another life......

  18. i like the story. and await for more. poetry is so visaul.

  19. I cant wait to read more of this tale, this story has been magical so far..esp. that photograph.

  20. Touching story and beautiful photographs.

  21. Just wonderful - the poem and the prose. I look forward to reading more.

  22. Beautiful poem and a great story and also beautiful pictures.

  23. I'm so glad you are developing the story further Marja. Being rather fond of gypsies and dancing adds an extra dimension for me.


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