Friday, 7 March 2008

Scientists reconsider autism

Let the champagne flow. As you know I have an big passion for children with LD. One learning disability is autism. I have known and still know some people with Asperger and a few with severe autism. One little girl I know can't talk but I know she understands many things and she is a delight to have around, she has the most incredible laugh I have ever heard. She is a very intuitive girl. Unfortunately I won't see her anymore.

What I always knew is stated in this post for which I received a link from Meggie. Autistic people are far more smarter than everybody ever thought, even the severe ones. They are blocked because of their sensory problems. The good thing is because of modern technology there are able now to communicate to us . So for the ones who are interested check this out. You will be surprised. I had too post this.
Love to all, Marja
Thanks Meggie you made my day.


  1. Hello Marja - First time to your blog. I saw you on Preeti Satish's link. I live in The thought would say hello to you. Cheers & will keep visiting.

  2. Thank you,Marja for such great and true post! You wrote it very good!

  3. You remind me of my mother Marja and believe me when I tell you that is a HUGE compliment. My mum is my hero.

    She is not trained to work with children with disabilities but has a natural gift with them. When I was growing up she used to work at a special school for children with intellectual disabilities and she got amazing results with them just by trusting her instincts. They would always come round to visit her on the weekends with their families and so we were all exposed to their plight at a young age.

    The world needs more kind souls like you and my mum.

  4. Good to know about that. Science and people just keep amazing us, no?

  5. There has been so much in the news lately on autism and early diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I am so glad it is getting the attention it deserves.

  6. I know a little about autism but that article blew me away. I wonder if that could become a means for more autistic people to communicate.

  7. Marja,
    Yes, they are much more in tune then we perceive them to be. Thanks for sharing this amazing link.

  8. You are so right! Now if we could just get the psychiatrists and schools to know that! Technology has opened the door to let these people share their thoughts, it's so wonderful! They aren't as 'into their own world' as people think. They are wonderful insightful creative individuals and what you have here is a joyful celebration of just that! You go girl!

  9. yes dear, very special children!!!
    big kiss and have a great weekend! :)

  10. Sometimes.......woman.......
    You make a grown man weep!

    Asperger huh?
    I actually have a friend who suffers from that.......

    Yeah i know I never said.

    It aint important who has what.

    what is important is how you treat who has what.....

    well done woman!

  11. Wonderful post Marja. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on these subjects with us.

  12. Marja, I just returned after a week of being away.
    Bless you for posting this.
    I reveal very little about myself on my blog, but I am quite familiar with autism and aspergers.
    I am sending this to the mother of two such children.
    Bless you for putting this information out there!!!

  13. Thanks Steffi

    Oh you are so sweet Gypsy but that is too much of an honour. I am not as goog as her. I work with some out of home placed children and sometimes we get autistic children for respite care. But they usually have their own caregiver. Your mother is indeed an angel.

    They sure do Quin

    Yes Billy because still a considarable part of the population has some degree of autism.
    Albert Einstein was one of these special people

    It is amazing he LGS

    Thank you Mark

    Yes Jen the Aspies I know are very openminded they are just a bit more naive, they don't like the gameplaying and complicated interactions of the neurotypical.

    Thanks Apo

    Oh hi dear Steve. I think they make the best friends

    Your welcome KB

    I am so happy about that little wing.


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