Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Silvia in Marrakesh

This is the map of Morocco and in the middle is Marrakesh. A city with palaces, colourful bazaars and a great market. Can you imagen the camels waiting on the outskirts of the city to bring you to the oasis with palm trees and seeing the impressive Atlas mountains in the background.
I have had a glimpse of Morocco when I was young and we stayed in Spain for a holiday. We went with the boat to morocco for the day and visited Tangier, Tetuan and Cetua. A wonderful experience. It was like stepping into a movy scene for me. A completely different culture

This is Silvia, my best Dutch friend . I met Silvia on a birthday of a mutual friend when we lived in Leuth in Holland. She lived around the corner and we are friends ever since. She even flew over to Christchurch for the weekend to catch up with me when she was travelling through Australia some years ago. We always talk for hours on the phone. She has great knowledge a good sense of humour and a very strong personality. I will meet up with her again when I go to Holland next year.
What has the one to do with the other?

Silvia visited Marakesh today and this photo is on the blog of Elizabeth The House in Marrakesh Silvia told me that she was going to travel through Morocco, so I told Elizabeth who's blog I visit. The lovely Elizabeth invited Silvia for a cup of tea and here she is walking with Elizabeth through the souks.
I haven't met any blogging friends in person yet but now one met my friend which I find equally exciting. Blogging makes the world smaller and brings people together. Thanks Elizabeth.


  1. You're quite right when saying blogging makes the worls smaller!

  2. Yes, blogging certainly does bring us together!

    I feel I have many artist and blogging friends in AU, by the way.

    I'm glad your friends have met up.

    I love the shadows in the photo; they create for me, a sense of mystery and intrigue.

  3. I recently met a blogging friend and it was very exciting and I look forward to doing it again soon (he's here a fair bit on business). He only lives in the next state over so it feels a lot closer than most of the people I know on line.

    That was very sweet of your blogging friend to meet up with your friend from Holland. Very nice....

  4. Wonderful to see you are blogging again. I like the variety, deep meaning and colour within your postings. Keep it up and I will visit regularly.


  5. Kia ora Marja,
    I recently enjoyed a lovely afternoon of music and new friends, one whom was an excellent person whom I had been blogging with and between us we arranged this lovely interaction. These experiences really do enrich us. Have a great day and kia for sharing.
    Ka kite ano,

  6. We had a lovely afternoon together and I hope all 3 of us keep in touch.
    Silvia e-mailed me that she really enjoyed visiting the sea-side at Essouira too.
    Altogether a happy experience.
    You must come back to Morocco one day!
    All best wishes!

  7. A lovely story! I didn't realize you were posting again.

  8. awesome! blogging truly does make the world smaller. I love those market type places, that's so neat.

  9. Sounds like a magical place! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wonderful and I agree - blogging does make the world more accessable.

  11. Great post , Marja!Really nice pictures of Silvia in Marrakesh!

  12. It is wonderful that you have met a blogger friend. I have never met one at this moment but I hope it will ever happen.

    I think Marrakesh is a wonderful place and Marocco seems to be wonderful. I was never been there; I planned it years ago but it didn't happen. If you see all the palazes there it is really amazing but also a totally different culture.

    Wonderful postings; Marja and nice to have you back in blogger world.

  13. Marrakesh must be a lovely place! :)


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