Sunday, 31 August 2008

Rakaia Gorge

Today on the last day of winter we had a first sprinkle of spring. A beautiful sunny day invited us to take the car and drive out over the canterbury plains towards Rakaia. We decided to do the Rakaia Gorge walkway. It was magic to drive towards the snowcovered mountains who sparkled in the sun.
We first had a picnic and threw some stones in the river. Here you can also take a jetboat and speed over the rakaia through the gorge
The Rakaia bridge is from 1921.
I haven't done much walking in the long wet winter. I huffed and puffed up the hill but it was worth it The views were stunning.
The rain of the past weeks has turned the path in a mudpie but this part was a complete swamp. Our feet started to disappear so we walked back. I have to buy some proper walkshoes so that we are all prepared for many more wonderful days.


    Ya take some beautiful pictures....

  2. for me it's like a paradise! wow..never seen like that firsthand and thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.

    nice day Marja!

  3. Kia ora Marja,
    Beautiful shots. Don't those snow covered peaks just call out to you? I am so glad you got out to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine. Reads as if you need a new pair of tramping boots! Happy spring Marja, kia kaha.

  4. What a lovely post. Today is our first day of autumn, and summer passed us by this year. I only hope yours will be better

  5. It is rambler a heavenly place

    Thanks Steve but that is easy in a place like that

    Maybe one day you can hop over Iriz

    Kia ora Robb They do call out. I will spent most of my time in the hills around chch though That's tough enough for me Yes I am looking forward to find some nice boots

    I heard all about it Keith in Holland they had the same. Hopefully you get a good autumn.

  6. Fantastic pics and nature!That´s New Zealand!I wish I could live there too.It looks like the paradies!

  7. Hallo Marja.Leuk dat je me kwam bezoeken op "The Hilltop"..In holland the season is changing from summer to autumn as you well know,but where you are winter is just leaving...I like your little Dutch corner,i will be back to visit..groetjes

  8. What a glorious place. I would love to visit NZ one day.


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