Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Back than

Reading the amusing post of Lone Grey Squirrel who told about a foolish experience from when he was young my eyes fell upon the mark on my right ring finger. Like LGS's mind, my mind wandered back to my foolish days and particularly to the day I got the mark.
When I was young I was of course well behaved (hum) and my parents made sure I was, by making me come home earlier than my friends when we went out. The remedy for that was that my friend invited me especially on days that her own parents were on a trip, so that we could return home whenever we wanted to. (Can tell this , my mum can't read english) We than usually prepared to go out by dressing up nicely and went off. One particular night we decided with 3 girls to go to the kermis (fair) in a nearby town. Every fair in the towns in Holland had a big tent where you can dance and drink a cola!
We were always in for a bit of theater and pretended that night to be German girls. We spoke german all night to a bunch of guys, danced and had fun. When it was time to go home I stepped on the back of the moped of my friend and we pulled along our friend who was on a bike. We had to go over a quiet road where it was pretty dark. Suddenly bang knockels gliding over the concrete...I found myself underneath the moped. My friend helped me up and told me that the wheel of the bike had collided with the moped wheel. The bike was nowhere to be seen.
Scared we called out our friends name who's head suddenly appeared above a ditch (which had luckily hardly any water in it.) Her bike had taken her there.
Because the chain was disconnected from the moped we had to walk which wasn't fun because we still had to go through a bit of bush were it was pitchblack. Help was on their way so we thought when we heard somebody coming. Yippee, 3 mopeds arrived with the guys we hang out with and they were calling out "was ist passiert" (what happened) My silly friend started to rattle in dutch much to the surprise of the boys who thought we were German. Yeh right they thought and they drove off. Grrr , splutter grrr were all the sounds you could here.
After a minute they appeared again and they laughed, happy they got us too. These gentleman were so nice to fix the moped and we drove off home. At home we still had a drink to cool down from our little foolish adventure.

You have some foolish experiences as well from when you were young?


  1. Hi Marja

    Always good to catch up on your news. It gets a bit dangerous writing about what we did when we were young, or should I when we were younger.

    I hope all is well with you. Bob

  2. Hi Bob yeh old news. Luckily I am not aware of the dangers. Have a great day

  3. What an interesting experience..yeah, we all have some funny and scary, always foolish experiences in the past...that's how we get better i guess :D

  4. wat een toeval dat je nu over de kermis schrijft. volgende week is het kermis bij ons. de kermis hier is niet meer zoals het vroeger was. geen danstent meer en minder gezelligheid dus maar de herrinneringen aan vroeger blijven.

  5. sounds a little scary thing to do :)

  6. never done anything foolish.....done some stupid things though and NO!
    I aint sharing!

  7. Hi M.Kate yeh that's part of growing up I think

    Ja was altijd reuze gezellig vroeger he. Prettige kermis zover dat mogelijk is

    Was scary at the time Rambler A consequence of being young and irresponsable I guess, but we had great fun as well

    A well steve that's part of live and eh you don't have to share

  8. That´s too funny,Marja!Be a german girl for one night!Great idea and what an interesting experience!

  9. Nooooo,i am a! Thank you for sharing ,het was erg grappig. I did A LOT of foolish things i am afraid...I did add you to my Kindred spirit list if this is oke with you...Groetjes

  10. hello dear!
    sorry for taking so much time in visiting you. but here I am to see what's new.
    big kiss from Portugal! :)

  11. I live to be foolish; it's so much fun.

  12. Ha-ha-ha ........ Oh yes. De bromfiets. Dat herrinner ik me heel goed.

    Yeah, I have done some real foolish things in my young life, but hey, who hasn't.

    Lovely post Marja. Brought back great memories of kermissen past. No kermis like the Dutch kermis.

  13. Great story Marja! :) yes, I have many stories related to foolish adventures....all of which spice up my memories.

    thank you for the b-day wishes. It made me smile..:)

    take that you're out there. even though you're on the other side of the world, it seems like you visit me right in my own living room. it is what is so darn special about blogging and connecting.


  14. I love the scrambler at the amusement parks, that and the tilt a whirl... Hope all is well with you Marja. Been missing ya kiddo. Glad to see your back and posting.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  15. I was very well behaved when I was young, it was when I got older that I made most of my stupid mistakes.'s all part of life's tapestry and there is always something to learn from it.


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