Friday, 19 September 2008

Busy Bee

Busy Bee
The wash is piled up, have to clean my house in the French way, that is very quick because last week was fully booked. Besides work I did a one and a half day training module for out of home childcare. I love courses and in this one my favourite topic was communication and emotive language. it is amazing when you realise how much emotion is locked up in a word.
We also talked about routines which is very important in the lives of children promoting predictability, stability and safety. Although I am fully aware of this, it is a tough one for me. I love to make use of the moment. When the sun shines, leave everything, go out, laugh learn. My passion is to teach children while playing and exploring. I find that much more important than to stick to routines. But who am I. Talking about teaching I also had a magnificent teaching hour with 3 students at unlimited. I let them make sentences in Dutch in plural. I said to them "I have money" in Dutch and threw the ball to one of them. They had to repeat with plural "I have more money" They loved it and they started to make up their own silly sentences. We had great fun and when the brain is relaxed it learns best. That is also what Dr Susan Foster Cohen said in her talk at Unlimited on thursday. She talked about the brain and about the teenage brain in particular. Brainstuff is my favourite subject so there was much to enjoy. We also had a shared tea and a lovely time socialising with the other parents and I also played a game of ping pong with one of the students and I must say I didn't do that bad. (We had a ping pong table in my parents holiday house when I was young) It was good exercise too.


  1. You have been a busy bee but now you have to spoil it all with ironing? You poor dear. Did you ever see the pic of my ironing board cover? I will send it to you, makes ironing a little more interesting.

  2. You are teaching something & learning! I hv problems learning anything nowadays!

  3. you busy bee have to wait for 3 mounths and than you will have a good relaxing hollyday.

  4. A couple of things:

    1) "clean my house in the French way" - I thought you were going to say "I just threw some perfume on it". :)

    2) "Teenage brain"? From the teenagers I usually interact with I would have sworn that's an oxymoron.

    Have a nice day!

  5. Thanks KB although it must be extra ordinairy to make ironing interesting

    Xue I only learn fun things I am not able to learn things I am not interested in

    Bert I can't wait

    Baba great idea. Where's the parfum

    I had to look up the word oxymoron which means :Contradictionary terms are combined to create new meaning
    aha teenage contradicts brain. Right? right It creates new meaning because they do have brains but diffenent ones from ours. So you are rightit's an oxymoron

  6. Thank you Marja for sharing your thoughts on the learning process. Yes indeed, learning is pleasurable and profitable when the learner is actively involved in the process, and as is evident in your discourse. Also, this is where Constructivism in education comes into the picture. Thus, student-oriented learning is more desirable than the traditional approached commonly known as teacher-oriented learning.


  7. Dear busy bee..hope you have a great weekend, hugs to you :D

  8. What a busy bee you are. It all sounds very satisfying though - except possibly the ironing!

  9. I do have a couple of shirts that need ironing!

  10. wow, brainstuff! love it, hope i can join! "when the brain is relaxed it learns best". i guess everyone must remember that.

    ei marja, i'll be out of the blogger world for a while and i will miss you so much.

    always take ok. keep that good soul in you. *hugs*

  11. ironing aaarghhhh :)))
    the last image on my post is M.'s signature! :)
    big kiss, dear!

  12. I would rather be a monster at the bottom of a lake than have to iron. Ironing must have been invented by the Devil himself.

    I love reading about your devotion to teaching. There is no nobler calling than teaching.


  13. Beautiful and I like especially the picture; it is a professional picture.

    Nice weekend too,Marja

  14. Paterika I am glad that you are on the same line. I think student directed learning is the future for education. See you

    Dear M.Kate thanks lots of hugs for you too

    Keith I enjoy myself a lot at the moment. Just....right

    Yeh right Steve Do I look pale

    Will miss you Iriz. It was nice to get to know you

    Hi APo will visit you soon

    You are so right Bob I would rather be a monster too I go and practise that now
    I am not a formal teacher I just try to teach as I go along

    Sorry Erik the picure is courtesy of google

  15. I had been lecturer of Mass communication in a college here from 2003-07.I loved job.The thing I understood that to be a good teacher ,you should be a constant learner and a student.


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