Friday, 21 November 2008


When I was young I was naive and I was not very good in juggling life. Things happened I didn't understand. My parents were often stressed. They both had a full time job and had a hard time with us strong willed kids. I looked at the dark side...... I had learning disabilities but didn't know and didn't understand why I missed out on many things and looked on the dark side...... I struggled and stumbled and than I got children. They were very strong willed which made me stressed and I discovered there was a reason for their problems similar to the ones I had. They had some hard times but I discovered their strength and than I discovered I had them too. I found out that I had many things to be grateful for. I looked on the bright side and the law of attraction slowly began to work and many good things began to happen and continue to happen so I write these simple words and this simple poem today because I am grateful that life isn't complicated anymore.
By marja Blom
They can give me some stress
my kids and my spouse
 but I love them to bits
 make a home out of my house

I forget I am tired
 At the children's home 11 o'clock
 when I find the words on my cellphone
Marja you rock
I like the juggle with words
on my blog I can play
 and learn and discover
 something new everyday

I dance with the moon
 get tickled by the sun
 I fall in love with live
 when I laugh and have fun

The song of Bocelli
 Touches my soul in its core
and the paradise of New Zealand
So much to be grateful for
I can go on and on
but its time to go to bed
or as they say in dutch
 het is uit met de pret

Or a good morning for some of you. Ahora marja


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. It's very special!

  2. This is very nice, and i feel your sense of freedom here to write without judging yourself; and it shows your self-acceptance along with your gratefulness. Jan

  3. "I fall in love with live
    when I laugh and have fun"

    lovely practice

  4. I really enjoyed this poem! It was especially meaningful with the background at the beginning. Great Sunday Scribblings post!

  5. First of all, glad to have you back. Secondly, I enjoyed this very positive post. I have been to the dark side too. It is much more pleasant in the sunlight of happiness and love.

  6. What nice sentiments! I'm so glad you have found joy.

  7. Great poem about what you love. I like these lines:
    "I dance with the moon
    get tickled by the sun

  8. That´s a great poem again,Marja!And I agree with your words...our parents had sometimes hard times with us as we were children...
    Have a nice day !

    Good night from Germany!


  9. I feel grateful every time I get to the end of the day without 'incident'!

    I'm glad you love NZ which I always think of as Australia's beautiful garden!

  10. marja... you rock!!!... wonderful discovery

  11. And this piece gives us one more thing to be grateful for.

  12. Kia ora Marja,
    Bravo my lovely friend, you really do rock!!

  13. Beautiful post Marja. Your childhood does sound similar to mine. I always vow to be a better mum and not repeat the same mistakes of my parents with me...which is tough actually. Big hugs for the weekend my friend :D

  14. An uplifting post. It's true, when we realise things are good and uncomplicated, our problems unravel around us, making it so.

  15. almost a little happy song!!! i really enjoyed that!!

  16. Very beautiful !

    See You later !

  17. Yes, they do make a house a home. Lovely!

  18. so much better to see the vessels as half full --- very nice post - thought provoking!!!

  19. that was brilliant....funny how life has a way of turning around (at least as i see it).

  20. A lovely bite of grateful! Well done!

  21. Uit met de pret ..haha ja Weltrusten..

    This was beautiful Marja..A Poem with a Heart x

  22. Marja, this is simply lovely. Beautiful.

  23. I knew I would enjoy this as soon as I saw the roses! And I did.

  24. Isn't it amazing how our perspectives change as we go through life? We have so much to be grateful for.

    Beautifully written.

  25. marja...I love this. Your thoughts and open hearted feelings made me stop and look around at my family and my life tonight with more grateful eyes.

  26. Hi Marja

    This is an awesome poem you have written. Truly, you have been inspired by your heart and the emotions that dwell there. You have used your mind so well to convey those sentiments with great eloquence in those beautifully crafted quatrains within a rhyme scheme abcb. Marja you are a poet. Don't you think otherwise. Keep on sharing your muse. I love this Grateful poem. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts so poetically on a universal theme with family flavour.



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