Sunday, 16 November 2008

Summer fun in the sun

Summer fun in the sun in our own front garden (we don't have a back garden). The fun is even better because since yesterday we have a patio made by my William. Yes he is a DIY-man and he improved heaps on our house. The house we bought 11 years ago when we just arrived in NZ. This is one of the reasons we survived here. We came to this country without a job, family, friends, house, without anything. We just had enough to buy this house. The cheapest in this area. One of the best primary schools was however close by. We knew because William went to that school when he was young.The disadvantage is the house is on a busy road. It didn't have a fire in it but we brought an iron cast one, which William received from his Aunt and the curtains we brought from Holland exactly matched the carpet which was already in the house, eventhough it had an unusual colour as you can see. It was meant to be. The strange thing is we were never worried. We were just going to do this. Everything fell in place one by one. It was not easy though because I felt very isolated in the beginning especially because my english was pretty bad. We earned a lot less too but we came to love this place and country very much.
Come in through our gate. William made the garden door and wire fence which is now full of roses William heeft deze tuindeur en tuinhek gemaakt die nu vol met rozen zit
Here our new patio were we will have many BBQ's and wine. William build the piece on the house on the far right (with the open doors) as well, together with Uncle John who is a carpenter.
Posted by Picasa Hier ons nieuwe terrasje waar we veel zullen BBQen en wijn drinken. William heeft ook een stukje aan het huis gebouwd, helemaal rechts (met de open deuren) samen met Ome Jan die timmerman is.
Mayke is studying for her exams and can't be disturbed Mayke is vo or haar examens aan het leren achter de parasol and kan niet gestoord worden
A last peek through the window Een laatste kijkje door het raam


  1. Me thinks this snake will have to utilise that patio area soon......

    I'll check out the workmanship and file a report.......


  2. Kia ora Marja,
    Your place looks lovely, and more so by the way you guys created it without doubt, hesitation, or fear. There is a huge lesson there for us all, and the result is a Home filled with Love. I wish you many happy summer nights ahead on your patio.

  3. Marja, I only have one word for this: BEAUTIFUL!!
    I love walking through the roses as we cant plant any here, the heat will kill them ;(
    As for your William, 2 thumbs up for him..I have been pestering my husband to build a rabbit hutch..not successful at all, let alone do any other minor renov work in the house, better, I think I can build the rabbit hutch rather than him. One day, I'd love and pop over and have coffee to this beautiful country I have read so much, but more importantly, I know I have a wonderful Marja there. Hava a great week and tks for coming back to blog-land :D

  4. Dear Marja

    So busy lately I have hardly had time to read blogs. So pleased to read your latest postings about rice, your home and your dear William the DIY-man. We buy these cheap and simple houses and turn them into homes with love and character. I have done it to mine in Brydwyr and each day it blossoms thanks to my daughter and her partner who have done so much work.

    Warm regards


  5. Hi Marja

    Your home and the grounds around it are beautiful. The ambience is warm and so inviting. Mother nature is pleased with what you have done. I hate concrete jungles. You are a marvellous tour guide and I truly enjoyed the tour around your lovely home. Thank you very much. I hope your daughter's examins went well for her.


  6. I'll get some coffee wine ready Steve

    Thank you Robb we have the whole summer in front of us and my brother comes soon All good

    Mary Kate you are always welcome I would love to have you here and eh all hubbies have their own strenth and ... ah well

    Hi Bob yeh it's nice to have your own place and make it your own step by step. We have still many projects to come You are lucky with your daughter

    Thanks Rambler I'll pass it on

    Thanks Paterika. It is all credit to William He is the gardener as well and spents hours in there. I am not allowed to even get the wheat out because I pulled some young plants out

  7. Hello Marja !
    You have pretty post...

    Patio seems (looks) very good...

    Herre, it's wet, grey and copld : autumn

    See You later.

  8. What a lovely home you have both created Marja! The roses are beautiful.
    I have known quite a few Dutch people in New Zealand & always liked them very much. You are so hardworking, & such good citizens in the world!

  9. Your patio looks wonderful; nice to see a billangual postings.

    Mooi terrasje, goed idee om us bericht in twee talen te publiceren. Misschien kan je overwegen uw blog tweetalig te maken.

  10. I think your home is lovely Marja and that's what you have made it...a home. The gardens are beautiful and tell William I am very impressed with his handiwork.

    How brave you all were to come to a new country not really knowing what to expect. I admire you a great deal for that.

  11. Really nice garden,Marja!I wish I could have a BBQ with you there!Beautiful!

  12. Mooie rozen..beautiful roses. And the summer in front of you!Fijn! Het is koud en regenachtig hier. Cold and wet in Holland today. But..we hebben Sinterklaas haha:)


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