Monday, 1 December 2008

End of year festivities

On the other side of the world events are nicely spread around the year. Here we get it all at once; end of years functions, christmas events, holiday, picnics and BBQ's Yes I am immersed in it all and I give you some impressions of two events from last weekend.
On friday night we went with 12 staff from work to The Red Rose dinner theater. First we got to dine and than the show started. It was hosted by the leader Mrs Monica Middlesex, a dame Edna figure, who interacted with the public and of course made fun of them. The theater piece was called, "what's up my chimney" and the actors with a professional background in singing presented a wonderful show and there was a lot of laughing. My English wasn't good enough though to pick up everything.
On Saturday night I had to "work" and went with 5 children from the home to the annual free Christmas event "Coca Cola Christmas in the park" We left at 5.30 and when we arrived most of the park was already filled up. We found however a little empty spot on the right of the stage, with a good view.
The show which started at 7.30 pm was hosted by Simon Barnett and Gary Mc Cormick, both well known here from radio and TV. There were christmas songs and dance on stage while most people were sitting back on their rugs and chairs drinking and eating. After the break, when it was getting dark we got some popmusic like "twist and shout" so we tucked the rugs away and tried the twisting. It got closed off by Santa arriving this time on a boat ( He must have lost his sleigh and copied the dutch sinterklaas who always arrives by boat) and a spectacular firework.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun... nice... we also have a lot of these functions going on... but for me to participate I have to go to my parents' home... probably by Christmas :)

  2. I hope they have an event left for me when I am there.

  3. Hi Marja! I miss you!

    That was so nice to know, you're enjoying every busy moment. I could sense there's more to look forward on your following weeks.

    Take care!

  4. Santa arrived by boat! Misschien speciaal voor jou? ;-) Cool to learn these NZ things!

  5. Kia ora Marja,
    Yes, it is indeed the social season here! Seems every night there is something happening, and in my New Zealand family we have 4-5 birthdays as well. I will be ready to head to the mountains right after Christmas.
    My wife Tara and I are coming to Christchurch in mid December. Hope to meet you my friend! Have a lovely day Marja.

  6. Sounds fun, and a lot warmer than it is here! Snow is getting to be deep and crisp and even! I feel a lot of affection for NZ - I have a whole heap of relatives out there!

  7. Hi Anwin. Why do you have to go to your parents home for that?
    Nice to go home for christmas

    Bert your whole stay is a big event

    Iriz how nice to see you Are you back? I've missed you too

    Yes elizabeth it was a rowing boath though, on wheels, see on the right top picture Very pretty though

    How nice that you are coming this way would be great if we could meet
    You have so much brithdays as well. Aaargh I couldn't cope

    Ah Gilly than you must come over here one day

  8. So much fun...I wish I could pop over and go there :D

  9. Lets twist much fun:0)And Santa on a boat,well maybe De Sint will travel on a sleigh this year..


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