Friday, 16 January 2009

Mount Cook

As I said I will show you some pictures from to trip around the South Island we made together with my brother. You will see some pictures from him later. We waved out my brother today and will miss him dearly. It was great to have him and he so loved the beauty of this country. On our holiday we did lots of walking and laughing. I also had time for some reading so it couldn't be better. On the first day of our trip we arrived at Glentunnel around 3 pm, where we stayed, 25 km from Mt Cook. We went straight up to Mount Cook and went for a walk in the Hooker valley with its glaciers and icefalls. It was magnificent to see the majestetic mountain rising in front of us. Mount Cook is called after captain James Cook and its Maori name is Aoraki (Cloud piercer) It has three summits (low, middle and Hig peak) and you will see the high peak on the pictures. Mount Cook with 3,754 mtr the highest mountain and part of the Southern Alps which are spread out over the whole length of the South Island of NZ.
Mount Cook Village, a tourist centre and base camp for the mountain
Me and Edmund before the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre
A look through the information Centre in Mount Cook Village
Mount Cook seen from Glentunnel
Mount Cook from seen from Lake Pukaki
Glacier lake in the Hooker Valley
Hooker valley. There was such a strong wind on the track that my brother, when he was standing on a hill hang backwards in the wind.
on one of the three swingbridges we had to cross.
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  1. Hello Marja,it´s great to hear from you again!Your photos of the trip to the Mount Cook looks beautiful.Very beautiful photos.I wish I could be there too.My sister was already for some weeks in NZ and I saw her pictures.NZ must be simple fantastic!
    Enjoy the time with your brother!

  2. Zoals je merkt blijf ik regelmatig kijken of er nieuws valt te lezen uit NZ. :-)
    Wat een geweldige vakantie moeten jullie samen hebben gehad in zo'n mooi land. Waren jullie in hotels of gehuurde vakantiewoning?
    De foto's zijn heel erg mooi en ik bekijk ze hier in full screen. Erg indrukwekkend hoor die hoge besneeuwde bergtoppen. Inmiddels zal Bert wel weer thuis zijn en uitrusten van de vermoeienissen.
    Oh ja.... Je profielfoto ziet er ook geweldig uit, zo'n glimlach daar wordt iedereen blij van, zeker weten :-)

  3. Glad that you had such a good time and also glad that you are back. Thanks for the great photos. No mention of the famous Kea parrots?

  4. My goodness! This is beautiful, Marja! Thanks for the well-wishes & I hope your New Year brings you much happiness & fun adventure :-) Groetjes uit Nederland!

  5. Great pics, Marja.
    Please drop by my blog and see something for yourself!

  6. Looks like a truly beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the majestic views.

  7. Great photo's, great mountain, great walk and great everything. Thanks for sharing

  8. Your photos are magnificent! The mountain is very impressive. Did they film any of The Lord of the Rings near there?
    You must have had an amazing trip!


  9. Marja, how beautiful. You are so fortunate to live in such a stunning country. I'm so pleased you are back by the way!

  10. Absolutely fantastic photos and that is one trip I wish I could go..minus that swingbridges. I dont like height, it makes me dizzy...I am dizzy now looking at this.

    NZ is really beautiful Marja. A colleague went over a month ago and she was talking non stop about the sceneries, made me so envious.

    hope you'll have a great weekend Marja :D

  11. What a beautiful journey. I hope to get there some time. Peace to you. Molly

  12. Yes I am here! when settled will call and catch up. You take care and YES I will be down ta see ya....

  13. Welcome back Marja, you have been missed.

    Those photo's are just breathtaking and I'm so happy you had a great visit with your brother. I'm sure it was hard to say goodbye but now you can look forward to next time.

  14. Sorry for my lousy response "One for all" because I am always busy
    I respect your nice responses which makes my heart jump. Yes my journey was a great and I am very
    blessed in many ways
    love you all.

  15. Beautiful photos! That area of NZ looks fantastic! Wish I could go there, but that will have to remain a dream!

    Good to see you back, Marja

  16. Wow it looks stunning. I am so pleased you had such special time with your brother...saying aurevoir is always hard..

    meant to add Happy New Year, x

  17. hi!
    exiting and beautiful photos.mount cook look very majestic in though your photos it very cold there?
    good luck!

  18. Kia ora Marja,
    Beautiful pictures! I am so happy to read and view of your interaction with your brother and with this amazing place in which we have chosen to live. I know it is sad to farewell loved ones who visit us here from so far away as I have done it many times myself. But these wonderful memories you have created will stay with you forever. Rangimarie.

  19. O my Goodness Swing bridges..heb je geen hoogtevrees! Mooie foto's..

  20. It is a very majestic mountain region isn't it? I'm so happy that you shared you vacation with us.

  21. Kia ora Marja

    Those are some awesome pictures you have posted from your recent trip to Mt Cook. I'm hooked on Hooker Valley picture and the picture of Edmund Hillary before he climbed Mt. Everest. You have a stunning pose next to his statue, very, very cool indeed. Is Hooker Valley part of the Macenzie Country? Also, that swing bridge looked somewhat like aspects in the Lord of the Rings. Just curious. I'm delighted you visited Mt Cook, named after a great historical figure. Whenever I hear the word, cook my initial thoughts bang on Captain Cook not the kitchen. I'm quite au fait with British and European history and Captain Cook's voyages more so than West Indian history but that was before our island became and independent nation within the Commonwealth. Why is that, because my early childhood and secondary education was designed by the British (Colonial era) My interest shifted to West Indian/Caribbean History and North American only after we gain Independence or to be exact during the Errol Barrow era. My history is no longer fragmented; its World History I see through my cognitive lens. I felt somewhat embarrassed at knowing so much about British and European history and not much about the history of the New World. I had to remedy that as a matter of urgency. Thank heavens, that is no longer the case because education is a continuous process.

    Still, whenever I visit countries I search out their museums and statues, one can learn quite a bit from what is written on the plaque. Much of my understanding too of the Maoris was my full day at the Auckland Museum reading the history of the indigenous people of New Zealand.

    Hopefully when next I see New Zealand, South Island will be my first stop for musing inspiration and to add to my list of new friends.


  22. Thanks Paterika

    Hooker Valley is from Mount Cook village to Mount Cook. A valley between several mountains
    My husband also got Britisch
    history at school. Nowadays it is only New Zealand and Maori history.
    Although I like history I am evenmore interested in the beautiful legends of the Maori. They are very spiritual people as well

  23. Thank you Marja for timely response to my question. I like Maori legends too. I have bookmarked Maori sites leading Kiwi newspapers ever since I returned to my homeland. Whenever I want to feel like I'm in New Zealand I bring up those sites and read and listen to Maori songs and I sing along with my awful voice trying to pronounce the words in Maori lyrics, lol noone to disturb I live alone in my house with my memories.



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