Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Reality and dream

I hardly ever remember my dream. When I do it is in 99 percent a good one. I dreamed about riding a horse so it was a petty to be woken up. So I wrote a poem about it. I have furthermore two significant strange dreams I remember I will tell you about it another time.
The echo of stillness
By marja Blom

Tactfully tugging the reigns
she signals to set off
Her heart bouncing in harmony
with the pounding of the hoofs
The echo of stillness
bounces off the emptiness of the tundra
a skyline moving forwards
at the speed of the horse and its shadow
Glued to the black manes
piercing through space and time
putting wind in motion which
brushes the bodie with a fresh soft touch
The mind of the woman dissolves in
her surrounding of peace


  1. That is a lovely poem, Marja. Dreams are funny things. Some disappear like wisps of cloud and others bug you all day!

  2. Great poem - awoken by a different reality.

  3. Isn't it awful when you're having a great dream and you get woken up? Beautifully written Marja. I could just picture you riding like the wind on your steed.

  4. mmmm.........very thoughtfully written. great poem.are you very curious about horses may be that is the way you are dreaming different.

  5. Being woken up can end a dream, but perhaps it doesn't destroy it. Seems it could lodge it in ones memory to later live on as a poem. Need idea, writing it into a poem.

  6. Een mooie droom ruw vertoord door het kind :-)
    Ik vind het geweldig dat je zoiets op deze manier kan schrijven. Je moet daarvoor toch wel diep naar binnen gaan bij jezelf.

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  8. I have very vivid memories of drreams especially when they are unpleasant, but if its a happy one..I always get woken by the kids.

  9. I was having a lovely dream during a lie-in the other morning and the phone rang - wrong number!

  10. what a lovely dream... sometimes it is a shame to wake up!

  11. That´s a lovely poem,Marja!Really nice and true!


    Anne has a wonderful time in South Africa together with her 4 new dutch girlfriends...

  12. Very beautiful poem Marja..Ik zag t voor me!

  13. Kia ora Marja,
    Beautiful, I can visualize you riding like the wind. Even though you were brought back to real life, that is a dream to smile about.

  14. Kia ora Marja

    You are a dreamer just like me. In fact, I'm called the dreamer in my family. My dreams do come true of course after the fact, hindsight, LOL. My daughter thought it very cool so she bought me "The Dreamer's Dictionary" thirteen years ago. It stays next to my computer even though I check with the on-line interpretation of dreams for fun of course.

    I'm thrilled that you have written this poem with the horse the focus. I've been wanting to write a poem about the horse my dad had when I was a child. It was a working horse, beautiful in every way and helped him profoundly on his land. Its name was Gene that is why I placed that animated horse on my blog. I talk more about Gene when I write her poem; for now I will savour your poem.

    Marja you have written a very delightful dream poem. I found much pleasure from reading it on many fronts this to say from how
    1)the imagery grabbed my attention;2)your poetic style;3)your clever use of words so much so that I found these lines to be profound for they capture well the poem's theme for me:

    "bouncing off the emptiness of the tundra";

    "at the speed of the horse and its shadow";

    "brushes the bodie with a fresh soft touch". (I like how you use "bodie" for body. It does give a taste of Irish flair when the word "bodie" line is read. And I like the rhythmic flow of the poem.)

    "Wake up mum"; (Brilliant ending to a dream poem. You managed well to bring in the theme of when reality distance itself from a dream.)

    The more I read your poems, I can see that you have embraced post-modernism in your poetic creations. You are blending both traditional and experimental patterns in your poetry with great success in your Blank Verse or Blank Form poems of which "Reality and dream" is an example.

    If you don't mind at all, I would like to include this poem in the "Guests Poets' Poems on my blog. Thanks.


  15. I am certainly a dreamer Paterika.
    I feel so honoured.I am just a simple soul and your friendship and comments make me so rich. Thanks you so much


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