Sunday, 8 February 2009

Halswell Quarry poem

Halswell Quarry
 By Mayke Blom (15 yr)
My younger shadow
Scrambles up a crumbled lump
Treasured through scenery
At the top
She sees ignored green
Where I see land
Filled with puddles,
Straw climbing boxes
And a puzzle plants

Further down
A Single prickle
a historic seed
From his grown stories
Hidden to passers-by
She sits on this quarry
and Waits for my return


  1. blue sky and palm trees...oh why I'm not there right now :)
    (I didn't see blue sky for ages)

    nice song, marja

    big hug, p

  2. I love this poem Marja..mooi als je zo je woorden kunt kiezen..en dan nog in een andere taal!!

  3. Great poem (song) Marja. Sorry that I have not been for a while.

  4. Thanks all No it is not a song and it was written by Mayke a year ago when she was 15

  5. A lovely poem beautifully written . Quite a talent in one so young

  6. She has a great poetic future ahead of her. Lovely piece.


  7. Very,very beautiful poem -Mayke!Great!And the photo is very beautiful!

  8. Now the deepness of this poem is unbelievable coming from such a young poet. Many layers I see in the imagery.

    Great use of the Halswell Quarry as the metaphor of youth growing up through inquisitive eyes while pondering what life has in store.

    The imagery can also be interpreted as showing concern for the environment and its abuse.

    And yet I see two lovers driven apart by some circumstance but with the hope of being reunited again as shown in the beautiful lines quoted below:

    "She sits on this quarry
    and waits for my return".

    Magnificently crafted. The greatness of a poem is judged by the many ways the imagery can be interpreted, that is, how well it allows one to go into deep thinking. Cleverly put together. Most engaging and an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing your creative artistry.



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