Sunday, 1 February 2009

Te Anau and Milford Sound

On the third day of our holiday (3rd of Jan) we went to Lake Te Anau, the second biggest lake of NZ. It was originally Te Ana-au, Maori for 'The cave of swirling water' . Two New Zealand Great Walks start at the lake. The Milford Track starts at the northern tip of the lake and the Kepler Track starts and ends at the south tip of the lake at the Waiau River Te Anau is also a nice town and we stayed here for 3 nights. One day we walked a part of the Kepler track (4 hours return) along the river. We also went a day to Milford Sound. Milford Sound is a glacier carved Fiord. A road goes to Milford sound (1 hour) through valleys and mountains and through The Homer Tunnel. It is a magnificent drive.
We stayed at Lakeview and yes this is our view on the Lake complete with rainbow
On the road to Milford Sound we stopped at the MirrowLakes.
Just before the Homer Tunnel you saw cliffs with snow, ice and water everywhere
We took the boat on the left into the Sounds It was a rainy and cloudy in the Sounds but we could still enjoy the lot.
Beautiful waterfalls along the way everywhere. We also saw some jumping bottlenose dolphins and some sea lions lying on the rocks.
The Chasm We stopped here on the way back to Te Anau. It is on the Milford side of the Homer Tunnel. The chasm are rock formations formed by the waterfall. There were lots of Kea's (NZ alpine parrot) on the parking. This bird is very curious and intelligent. The cheeky bird likes to peck rubbers from cars.


  1. Enjoying your travelogue. I have been to Te Anau and Milford Sound. I think the latter is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Wish I could have spent a few days there.

  2. Gorgeous, Marja! One day I will have to make a journey to NZ & you are sharing the best tips! ;-)

  3. Kia ora Marja,
    What a magical land we live in, from those stunning water falls to the cheeky Kias we are blessed!

  4. We are currently being bombarded with fabulous advertisements on UK television placed by the NZ tourist board! Yet your travel tales make it far more inticing than anything I've seen on the box!

  5. Wonderful photos Marja. I would love to visit one day. New Zealand has always held my attention....

  6. Beautiful places, very very beautiful.

  7. Hi Marja,

    Hope u r doing fine.The pictures are really breath-taking.Did u actually click them on your own camera?You must be a very talented photographer!And New Zealand really looks like a very beautiful country 2 me.Anyway, looking 4ward 2 ur next poem.

  8. Kia ora Marja

    Yes, your country (adopted) is indeed beautiful and magical too just looking at the landscape, fauna and flora, birds and last but not least its people.

    Those pictures are beautiful. I'm pleased that you took photo of the rainbow. Rainbows, sunrises and sunsets are among my favourite pictures.

    Thank you for sharing the joys of your holiday trip to some of the many beautiful spots to be found in your country. Judging from the pictures you did have a jolly-good time too. May you continue to enjoy the good things that life has to offer.


  9. Amazing beauty!! Thanks for sharing.
    I love the Mirror Lakes sign!

  10. Ms. Marja

    Thanks for visiting my blog and putting a nice comment.

    I would like to read more poems from you. The photos uploaded here are nice, especially the photos of the waterfall.


    Another Interesting Blog

  11. Milford Sound is a great place, very scenic, the boat trip is fantastic, specially when the waterfall is running strongly, but the Kea are a bit of a menace!

  12. In 2005 my Australian daughter, her three children and myself were also on the South Island and stayed in Te Anau in the holiday camp over there.We saw the Milford Sound and the seals and Hector Dolphins like you did! It was marvellous. We stayed only a month and saw a lot. Your blog is called Dutch Corner, do you have any connections with Holland?

  13. Stupid question! Of course! You are Dutch, for you wrote it in your comment. Sorry!

  14. Wow...great pictures of fantastic places!NZ must be so beautiful!I wish I could exchange my place where I live.Hamburg is only a nice city for tourists!


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