Friday, 29 May 2009


"The body is affected by everything that is happening around you, it is not separated from what is happening around you. Whatever is happening here-there is only the physical response. This is affection."
U.G. Krishnamurti
Puzzled? I was too when I read it till I read it further that the real meaning of affection isn't love or caring but "being connected with" When we are young we discover that we are separate from the world and develop ego boundaries. The ego is all about me. The ego limits us. When we love something or somebody than these boundaries or limits seem to dissappear. Seem , because love isn't just a feeling. When we feel we love somebody but don't act on it (like doing what is best for, or by paying attention to somebody or something) than the ego boundaries are stil firm in place or fall quickly into place. No we only grow by committing ourself out of love to something. By doing that we learn about that person or about your garden or anything. It becomes part of who you are.The more we love in this way the bigger our self becomes Boundaries dissappear and we are connected and one with the world around us.


  1. When we love someone we sacrifice our ego, otherwise, it's not love at all.


  2. This is so true !!

    I often find myself teling the young ones, that I work with, that it's not all about them. That they exist in this world and that life becomes much richer if they look beyond themselves and care about those around them and also what is around them.

    That's right, Queen's Birthaday weekend is coming up. Seems the last few have been pretty wet ... sort of puts a bit of a damper on the traditional goodbye to summer camping and bbqing :-(

  3. Very true, emotional n right from the heart!Love the pic too!!!!

  4. Beautiful & true!
    I notice when I put effort & care & take my time, the rewards are there. Maybe not in the way I sometimes would imagine for, but in the most surprising & uplifting ways. Recently, I am experiencing this. It's amazing :-)

    Ik wens je een prettig weekend! My email is soon to come, but possibly not until tomorrow.

  5. you and i have met, so we know what loving a fella blogger is all about............ Ya put all that I have been trying ta convey is so few words.......

    Ya a diamond geezer!

  6. Hi Marja:)

    I love that quote and your comments...they are so true...thank you for sharing...

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend:)


  7. more often its about how much we are willing to open ourselves up, and in a way love gives us trust and the motivation to open up

  8. Puzzled? I was too when I read it till I read it further that the real meaning of affection isn't love or caring but "being connected with"...

    Not that I'm saying I'm perfect but its sad to see people bumping around wondering why they have no one in their lives when they refuse to become part of anyone else's.

  9. Kia ora Marja,
    So true, something I am learning more about each and every moment of every day. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I love this Marja!

    The more we understand how our feeling and thinking impact our actions and our physiology, the more integrated we become both internally and outwardly.... Affection is the best word! I'd say it is connection with passion. Love is the "affection thread" we weave through our whole being, connecting to others and other things. :)

  11. Great post Marja! Very true too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thanks also for your visit. Sorry I can't write much at the moment. We had a busy week and Wednesday I have to go to a funeral. Lots of preparations. I am glad I scheduled my next posts.

  12. Very true post,Marja! You find always the right words and the picture is perfect for the post!


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