Saturday, 23 May 2009

To worry or not to worry

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For Sunday Scribblings

For Sunday Scribblings

Turn Your World Red
By Danna Faulds

Cardinal calls me from the
railing of the deck. "Turn
your world red," he says,
insistent, beckoning. "Risk
life outside your hard-earned
walls and windows. Cast
aside caution, propriety,
and your too small sense
of what you can and cannot
do. Fly! I tell you that the
sky knows no constraints.
All you are or can be comes
clear in the near approach of
clouds. Fly! That which you
fear the most holds your
deepest teaching. Let your
spirit be the bridge between
safety and release. Soar to
the far end of what is known
from dawn to twilight, then
throw yourself at the whim
of the wild night winds.
Turn your world red, and
live with no regrets. Fly!
And if you are blown off
course, just change your
destination. Choose to
land wherever your two
feet are standing.

The beautiful poem above gives a great sense of freedom and I believe in it. Can you do it without worry however? What I mean is can you just fly as a mother for example and not worry when your child takes big risks. You can feel uncomfortable when you approach a situation similar to one in the past, where your child got hurt. A mother can indentify so much with a child that it feels his or her pain deeply. This feeling becomes a worry; a negative emotion about something that hasn’t happened yet. I think however that all emotions are energy and if channelled in the right way and the response to these feelings chosen well we can prevent a lot of problems. If we never would have worried about what can happen we wouldn’t have a police force or fire fighters for example. To worry to a certain degree doesn’t have to be bad. Just always try to imagine how much freedom others can handle or what we can do to prevent things from happening. As long as we don’t protect too much and stop ourselves and others from living life and learning lessons. We have to face fear and take risks but if possible calculated risks.
To worry or not
By Marja Blom
Don’t chain anybody
and rob them from freedom
because of your worry
that they will be harmed
or hit by a storm

Sometimes though you’re driven
and energy given
You are lead by your worry
to build a safe place
which protects which prevents

No, lightning didn’t strike
and thunder did no damage
but because you did worry
one can choose now to shelter
from the wild weather in life.
You can worry a bit and be happy, Marja

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  1. A lovely poem.
    Greetings from New York

  2. Loved your ponderings. Hope this day brings you peace and happiness.

  3. Good morning, Marja. Wise words. I find as I have aged, I have learned to manage worry more appropriately, to not let it control me. Unfortunately, the one worry that still interfers with my sleep is the worry that I have no control over, the thing of the moment that is driving my boat instead of me. There aren't too many things like that in my life anymore but I always more than hate it when they decide it's time to pay a visit.

  4. A deep and enlightening post. Worrying is such a strange thing, but one of those things that makes us human.

  5. Hi my dear NZ/Dutch friend Marja,

    You're back! and hów.. with a fantastic poem and great photo, so I say here to you,

    "even Wíth wories you cán be happy"

    also thanks for visiting my blog Answer: "yes" the festival of photography is a succes. Thanks, the header is lso a photo shown on the exibition....

    Bye wishing you a good "worryless? " but anyhow a happy time and weekend:)

    A Dutch blogfriend, named: JoAnn

  6. some people are so chained to worries that it keeps them from soaring. i refuse to be that way. at least not all the time :-)

    thx for stopping by and commenting on my blog :-)

  7. There's plenty for us to think about in this post. A really interesting piece.

  8. Two fantastic poems and a wonderful illustration to go with them.

  9. Hi Marja, great photo and poem. I've had my share of worries, but now I wait and see how things are developing. Worries are not useful and don't make any difference to the situation. My daughter in Australia cycles almost every day with her children. And when she comes here in September they are also going to cycle. BTW in Oz they call bikes:"pushbikes". Have a great rest of the day!

  10. Very nice poems and good post.

  11. An excellent post. Enjoyed the poems and the thoughts. Worry is such a useless thing, but never seems to go away.

  12. Nice poem. You are so right about worries in moderation - they tend to better the society too.

    Thanks for your kind words on my take.

  13. Turning worry into a tool - thought provoking!

  14. "That which you fear the most holds your deepest teaching."
    Very good. I wish it wasn't so appropriate to my feelings right now and what I should be learning, but very good post and poems.


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