Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Last part The book

courtesy of google Second and last part of the story The Book for Carry on Tuesday. Here is part one Weeks went by but I didn't find the book. Than my mother rang She was in tears. "Rose go to your brothers house and see if you can find out something. He has disappeared. He left a note but it is so strange." I was stunned. My brother had been depressed for a long time but had he gone crazy now. " I am coming" I said after a long pause. I dropped the kids of at mothers house and hugged her "Take care. I'll be back soon" She put the key of his house in my hand. "I hope nothing bad happened" I opened the door to his house and went straight to the kitchen were the note was still on the table. "I'll be gone for a while. Don't worry I'm fine and explain everything" Mmm I thought what is he up too. Than I spotted a yellow coloured piece of paper on the floor. It's from the book I exclaimed and gasped my breath. What I read was a description of a place in a forest behind a stone quarry. That could be close to here I thought and I jumped in the car to find out. When arriving at the quarry I realised that the bushes on each side were far to tight so I had to climb to the top of the quarry.When I tried to climb down on the other side suddenly I was sliding down and my leg was torn open A painshot fired through my body. I forgot about it quickly when I saw a tunnel like path through the forest. At the end there was a clearing and a small barn on the left. The whisper of voices reached my ears and I tried to find a gap in the wall. A lantern light from deeper in the barn, shone on a man and woman in the door. The man said "Before we leave I must tell my family"
"You can't the woman said you will bring us all in great danger" I wanted to call " Paul" as it was my brother but suddenly I felt a hand on my mouth and strong arms grasping me and dragging me inside. "we've got an intruder here" the man said."Leave her, it's my sister, she is one of us. she's wounded. We have to help her.
Than I passed out and woke up in a wagon. My brother jumped of from a chair. "You are doing fine Rose. I'll bring you back soon. These people are our people Rose. We were adopted. You know that don't you. Our parents died but they gave the book, the one on your attic. In the end there was a written note that we decended from these people.
When I was at your place I saw your face when you came down and I knew you read it. I belong here Rose. I want to stay with them. If you love me please let me. I am happy here. But you can't tell anybody not even our mother. These people were persecuted for a long time and found peace in this hiding place.
I couldn't talk for a minute, but when I saw the look on Pauls face I recovered and said Sure Paul. Yes I want to go back to the kids and mum soon but I would love to meet our people first


  1. Interesting twist. Will she stay or will she go?

  2. Sometimes ya amaze me with ya writings.............very well done girl!

  3. I think this story spoke every child's fear...that things were not as they appear.


    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  4. Wonderful post Marja, when I was in Kapas Turtle Valley, I thought of you. The resort was owned by a Dutch couple. Happy week ahead Marja, hugs/M

  5. I love adventure stories. The kind that can go on and on and this has the makings of one.

    Nicely done Marja.

  6. this followed part one perfectly

  7. Excellent story. You weaved the prompt in very well.

    My husband is a New Zealander. He was born in Oamaru on the South Island but grew up near Auckland. Nice to meet you!

  8. Great story,Marja!
    Very interesting!


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