Saturday, 13 June 2009

Magical moments

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"There are occasions when this vision of the world takes us by surprise, the mind having slipped unconsciously into a receptive attitude. It is like the oft-recurring tale of coming upon an unexpected door in a familiar wall, a door that leads into an enchanted garden, or a cleft in a rock that gives entrance to a cavern of jewel. Yet when one comes back to the place again, looking for the entrance, it is no longer to be found. It was just in this way that late one afternoon my own garden became suddenly transfigured - for about half an hour, just at the beginning of twilight. The sky was in some way transparent, its blue quiet and clear, but more inwardly luminous than ever at high noon. The leaves of the trees and shrubs assumed qualities of green that were incandescent, and their clustering were no longer shapeless daubs, but arabesques of marvelous complexity and clarity. The interlacing of branches against the sky suggested filigree or tracery, not in the sense of artificiality, but of distinctness and rhythm. Flowers - I remember especially fuchsias - were suddenly the lightest carvings of ivory and coral." Alan Watts

Did you experience such magical moments? Some do and most of you did. Many forgot about it. When we were children we absorbed the world through our senses and picked up the magic. Children don't think, plan or worry. Children are in a state of flow. Of course we need these skill for our survival but actually they have taken over who we are. Our mind is a problem solver but often we created the problems in the first place. People think they have to be rich, successful, smarter, skinnier etc in order to be happy, accepted, loved . All their senses are focused on the stones to pave their road towards it. They fail to see the flower or the child alongside the road they are building. Or they might see the flower but not on a level that they process the colour, the shape the smell. They might see the child but they don't really listen to what's on their mind or watch with them the butterflies in awe. When we remove the filters by questioning some beliefs in our mind we will be opening up again to love and beauty and receive what we need. To put our trust in this will take a while but it is the key of the door to the enchanted garden.


  1. the magic moments of childhood are very special memories, mine all involve the fun and games my brother and I got up to; like tadpoling, tree climbing, cooking things like paua and mussels and crawlers, up on beaches and exploring wild areas etc.

  2. Wrote something similar at my site just a couple of days ago. An all too short a trip to the beach pulled me away from the the detritus of human existence. Caught me by surprise by its unexpected arrival and saddened me with its ending.

  3. Magical moments during childhood stay with us. I love the pic here too. Nicely written Marja.

  4. Really beautiful post and cute picture,Marja! Very good written!Yes...magical moments of childhood are nice memories and sometimes I wish I could be a child again!

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Hello Marja,
    I really enjoy reading your words and writing, thanks and happy weeknd wishes,

    Greetings from JoAnn/Holland

  6. Kia ora Marja,
    I do as soon as I enter the Ruahines, like a flicking a switch.
    I love Alan Watts, an interesting philosopher and observer.

  7. I love the quote by Alan Watts. Love it. Fabulous post, Marja.

  8. children are never sad, they cry but there is no sadness or sorrow, i think thats the greatest gift we have as a kid, and then we blow it up as we grow up, not sure why

  9. This is such a nice posting...I was deeply touched by the words...thank you Marja...


  10. What's the use of being an adult if ya can't be childish?

    Never lose the child within you.......

  11. when we return to that childhood place of flow, we are able to become artists. It is an enchanted garden. I love returning there especially when the light is incandescent.

    Beautifully written Marja.

    ps. I do believe many children feel deep sadness and sorrow unfortunately.

  12. Yes he was an interesting philosopher Robb

    Dana I agree but isn't the cause earthly intervenance. Children become said by being neglected and
    not being accepted. I've worked with children having experienced extremes and was amazed though at their ability to be children

  13. Beautiful post. I do enjoy those magical moments when they happen.

  14. Very beautiful post..Ik hoop dat ik dat kleine meisje nooit kwijtraak..ze loopt nog steeds nasst me iedere dag en af en toe kijken we elkaar aan en weten we dat t zo goed is..
    Fijn om je blog weer te lezen...een mooi moment van deze dag..Big Hug..:)

  15. I love this post Marja, and I love the constant reminder of how to love the simple things in life. My husband and I are always so busy doing so many things and at times we forget to slow down and spend time with our children..really good quality time, just being with them and listening to them. It took me a long time to find out that my children find great pleasure in just being in my company, when I take time off and send them to school..all the simple pleasure of life.


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