Saturday, 11 July 2009


Prompt Indulgence for Sunday Scribblings When I indulged in pondering about the word Indulgence, I thought you can indulge in many things. As long as you completely selfishly engage or emerge in a form of instant gratification. Of course eating and drinking have done that for me but for me but when I was young it was definitely dancing.

Indulgence in dance

Lifted into wonder of a mystical night
wakened by crying violins
Moonlight illuminates untouchable feet
of a swirling beauty who calls the one
 with a bitter song so sweet

Flaming black eyes enter the magic
 fuelled by thundering clapping
Awakening the spirit of romance
 of two silhouettes who understand
the language of a Gypsy dance

During the embrace of two souls
 the rhythm and the beat slows down
the stillness of the night returns
but in the heart of the dancers
an eternal fire burns

As the shimmering veil of dawn rises
Bouncing hoofs announce a departure
 a cloud of dust cloaks the horse and man


  1. The shimmering veil of dawn rises!!!

    wowwww!!! Marja you simply are superb :D
    love it
    word by word :D

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  2. i can feel the magic of the dance...

  3. Great poem! Love this line: "wakened by crying violins". Whenever this happened while I was in the orchestra in my younger days, I would holler back with the deepness of my double bass. Ahhh, harmony! :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful and visually rich (talk about indulgent!).

    Thank you so much for sharing your your poem with us, Marja! Absolutely lovely! :-)

    Author of the "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" series launching in Spring 2010 with St. Martin's Press

  5. how beautiful! i am so glad that i stopped by :)

  6. AWESOME! That was the most sensual poem I have ever read. I had a visual and feeling for every word.

  7. this is avesome, marja

    hug, p

  8. What a beautiful and vibrant filled with life and movement. Wow. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Romantic and energetic, your words dance!

  10. This is so alive, yet retains the spirituality of dance.

  11. "Moonlight illuminates untouchable feet
    of a swirling beauty who calls the one
    with a bitter song so sweet"....very beautiful verses. Thank You so much for sharing, hope to stop by often.

  12. wow !! you made me want to get up and swirl a little on my own !! nice one ! :)

  13. i find it poignant. and i like how the words dances gracefully. by the way. i liked the photo!

  14. Leuk blogje,
    prachtige woorden ^__^

    Wat een lief verhaal over je Kat :)
    Gelukkig zijn er nog altijd katten liefhebbers !!!

    groetjes Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  15. Vibrant....The poem flows and the image is beautiful

  16. Love how you captured the passion of the dance.

  17. Marja -
    Heart wrenchingly beautiful.
    Thanks for the heads up on great poetry.

  18. fantastic!! I can feel the movements, and your words are: Moving!

  19. speaking as a man with two left feet
    and absolutely no rhythm I am jealous of this indulgence. I can clap while you dance

  20. Kia Ora fellow Kiwi! (What do Christchurch dwellers call themselves - Christchurchians?) Anyway - you have an awesome blog!

  21. a wonderful poem.I admire the following lines:
    ..'During the embrace of two souls
    the rhythm of the beat slows down...
    but in the heart of the dancers
    an eternal fire burns..'
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

  22. Marja, that is beautiful ... you have a glorious way with words...

    I love it !!!

  23. Wow...that is a very beautiful poem! I can feel the magic of the dance!Great photo!


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