Saturday, 5 September 2009

Thanks Rosey

This morning I got a sweet surprise in my Letter Box. This beautiful cup from Rosey. Thanks you dear Rosey. I will now think about you when I drink my coffee. Wish you all the best as you are going on adventure but I keep following you at Keith's Blog. I will be a bit creative today and visit all my friends.
and eh.....sorry I am not back. I am making progress in lots of areas.

Cookie Time Treasure
Cosy Coffee Cup
Rosey Sweet Reward

Rosette Red Harmony
Baby Born Hope
Beginning Bright Highlight

Boulders Bay Play
Sea Shell Splash
Rock Pool Party


  1. Thanks marja, our cruise was just lovely very relaxing and restful while still having some adventure.
    Nice to see you again however briefly. Enjoy your life, we only have one really.

  2. Great post!And good 2 c u r back!How r u doing now?U seemed a bit down when I spoke 2 u last time!Well, I've posted after a long time!Pls c my new poem.

  3. Thanks Marja for visiting! Lovely photos again. I love New Zealand, it so much like Norway, which is my favourite country followed by Sweden, Denmark and England.
    We have very autumnlike weather with a lot of strong wind.

  4. Hi Marja, About to embark on a little adventure myself. My daughter's turned seven years old a couple of days ago and today is her birthday party! I will soon be surrounded by a mob of sugar-hyped little girls playing. Pray for my wife, me, and my son who has gobe above the call of duty and volunteered to help out.

  5. Glad to get a peep from you Marja. Thanks a tonne! Have a great time doing what you love to do!

  6. Marja - It was a nice surprise to wake up and read a comment from you. I hope all is going well. Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee in the morning and drinking out of a mug from our friend Rosie is a great way to remember her. I am sure Keith will keep us up to date with her comings and goings.

    Many hugs to you and yours.

  7. Beautiful pictures, a real treat for virtual travelers!

  8. Greetings and love from New York!

  9. Lovely images!!!An interesting post.

  10. Nice to meet you.

    I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

    Please link me with the blog if it is good.


  11. What a very nice surprise! Have a cup for me. Blessings to you, thanks for your thoughts that you contribute to the conversations on my site.

  12. Congrats on the cup and isn't it wonderful to have good friends. Happy day my friend, love.......M

  13. Thankyou for your good wishes to me Marja.
    Lovely post here, great to see you!XX

  14. progress in many areas is so important - after a very productive day I am reading a little but have no energy left to post!! Till tomorrow perhaps...real life beckons sometimes and we have to listen, x

  15. Nice surprise!
    Marja, it´s always great to hear from you again!Thank you for your nice comments always!Enjoy your time!

  16. Hi Marja - thx for that positive comment over at the other Beach Bum's place ... you Dutch are such nice people - I used to live near Winterswijk so I can attest to this being a fact!

  17. Such a pretty mug!
    Hope you and the family are well?
    Sorry I haven't visited for so long.
    Very busy with various family things.
    Yes, we do miss Morocco but are to be grandparents soon.
    All best wishes

  18. Dear Marja, hope things are going well with you. We all wish that you can be back to blog at the earliest.

  19. Marja. Always good to catch up with your news. I hope all is well with you.


  20. Please post more photos fro this exquisitely beautiful country!


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