Thursday, 22 October 2009

Christchurch NZ International climate change day 24 October 2009

Saturday the 24th is International Climate Change Day. My friend made these ones. Everybody from Christchurch and Canterbury, come and participate.


  1. Its great that the children are going to get involved in climate change, ofcause they are going to very much effected by the changes. Hopefully more cities and towns will hold these action group meetings.

  2. Really good post,Marja!And it´s very good that the children know something about climate change and they are involved in climate change.Really important!

  3. Good on you Marja ! There is a lot of work out there to do for climate change. Did you know the Red Cross has an international climate change centre in the Netherlands ?


  4. Kia ora Marja,
    Good stuff. This ties in well with fighting the greedy corporates as well. Kia kaha!

  5. Thanks, Marja!

    For all the good things you do.

    Wish I had been there!


  6. Glennis it is good that children become aware as they will be the most effected

    Thanks Bob yes the Dutch have to be careful because they are below sealevel, so when the ice melts....

    Yes Robb the Industry in some countries actually stops governments from doing something about it Sad he

    Susan I don't do much My friend Julie does a lot of work I am just assisting with advertising

  7. Somehow the dangers of climate change have yet to be recognized by many Americans. Its funny to see so many people around me with the heads stuck so deeply in the sand and happy about it.

    Ignorance truly does mean bliss for far too many.

  8. It is good to have everyone involved. tks for the highlighgt and happy weekend


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