Saturday, 10 October 2009

Happy birthday Mayke

We had some happy, creative, charming, clever, talented, spirited. joyful, nice people around for Maykes 17th birthday. Because they kind of took over our house we left for a couple of hours and had a nice thai meal at the Mall and went to the movies afterwards. That was a big offer but he you do that for your kids.
The movie was called "an education" and we both liked it, especially the sense of humour of the school girl Jenny. It was about this 16 year old girl who turned 17 in the movie and who had a cake with 17 candles like ours had in the picture underneath. Their lives are a bit different but we recognised the spirit of teenagehood and the complications it can bring. Although the movie one turned to be a bit more dramatic.

17 candles on a cake at night time Yes the perfect time to eat it and of course the candles have a much better effect in the shadow of the night. It was great double chocolate cake made by one of Maykes friends and it tasted yum. I felt guilty eating it because I know what it does to me, but these young people had no problem absorbing huge amount of food all day and in the morning. The weather was magnificent the next day and our recently adopted cat tried to catch every sunray. Mayke also enjoyed the sun and found a great place to put her freshly picked flowers. William spend his time working on a house for the chickens (don't even know the proper english word for it and to lazy today to look it up) Soon we will eat fresh eggs in the morning and me....after removing a part of the bombshell they left behind I am reading Heathers travel story. She is a Blogger from Christchurch and wrote a great story of her trip around the world.

“We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled but as candles to be lit.” Robert Schaffer


  1. Birthday wishes to Mayke...looks like it was a perfect Bday party for her.

    Have a great day.

  2. Happy birthday to Mayke! And many more to come! That certainly was a wonderful party !
    Thanks for the visit, yes I saw the black swans in NZ and Australia.Beautiful! Next week I'll post a story about the Milford Sound in NZ. for the letter M.
    Have a great Sunday(though for you it's almost over)!

  3. what a beautiful name and beautiful girl! so glad the birthday was well. I'll have to see that movie. it's getting great reviews. ~rick

  4. Sounds like a good day was had by all. It amazes me how fast our kids grow up. I suppose that makes me get older too, but I refuse to get any older than 21 :)

    Sounds like your husband is making a chicken coop. That is what we call them or a Hen house. When we lived on a farm we had one. Fresh eggs or so much better tasting than store bought ones.

    You've a beautiful family Marja. So glad you're enjoying them and still finding time to stop by for a visit and I enjoy visiting you too.

    Many hugs to you all.

  5. Happy Birthday Mayke!

    I felt guilty eating it because I know what it does to me, but these young people had no problem absorbing huge amount of food all day and in the morning.

    Yeah, I remember the time I could eat tons of junk food and not think a thing about it. Now, I'm a typical over weight American with high blood pressure.

  6. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Great ending quote!

    BTW - a chicken house in English is often refereed to as a "Chicken Coop".

  7. Happy birthday Mayke :P They grow up so fast dont they Marja, my eldest is 12 this year and I still want her to remain as toddler always :P

  8. happy birthday to the birthday girl.

    I have also been to see 'Education'. And like you we enjoyed it. I did wonder where the film was going for a while, and was sad for the teenage girl at the end. But she had a wonderful spirit, unlike her headmistress at school.


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