Sunday, 1 November 2009

Chicken talk

Economical times aren't good but whatever is going to happen, we are self sufficient. We have a well sized vegie garden and last week W has build a chicken house from scraps. It's quite posh and it became the residence of 4 chickens. They were probably used to small spaces because they went besirk when we just got them and rolled on their backs in the sand.

The newly build chicken coop

This is one of the 4 girls who is part of our residence

They are producing on average 3 eggs a day and you can guess who has to go in the pan first

We are talking chicken now, we check if they are inside if a storm comes up, feed them in the morning and we are checking for eggs all the time. It is quite cosy to hear the chicken on the background when drinking tea outside.
I love eggs so I am going to try some new things now, like my favourite; egg benedict. I have never poached eggs before so it is going to be quite a challenge for a dyspraxic like me. Cooking has never come easy to me and I don't look TV anymore because the only thing you see is cooking programs and that brings up night mare causing memories. I only make an exception for Jamie Oliver because I admire this amazing chap. I am impressed how he has transformed schools to eat healthy food, teaching whole towns in england to cook healthy and I love his 15 restaurants. All over the world you can find these restaurants where disadvantaged youth get training on the job in one of these top restaurants. I hope we get one here one day because I have a young friend who would love to become a cook.
Lots of things are on at the moment and Blogging has moved to the background again but I will hop in whenever I have some spare time. Take care, Marja


  1. very good, then next year I have fresh eggs in the morning.

  2. That's a great chicken coop. My grandparents have some and they keep in their backyards. The most wonderful thing about them is that after they get used to the coop, like a couple of months or so, you can even let them out occasionally. And they won't run away. You may have to find out from others nearby too though, if you wanna try it :)

    All the best!!!

  3. Yes and by that time I may have figured out how to make egg benedict for you bert

    Oh I would love to anwin but they might eat all the vegies

  4. Eggs are very nice food and especially with a salad. I have also seen Jamie Oliver. He is a very nice guy, isn't he?!
    Thanks for you visit and have a great week! Groetjes, Wil.

  5. Those girls are laying really well for you, they must be very happy in the posh coop. its lovely to have nice fresh eggs on hand all the time.

  6. I'm echoing the others, that is a great coop.

  7. What a splendid Palace for the chickens!! We used to have them in my Grandmother's garden. I love the taste of fresh eggs!
    I too, admire Jamie for getting better food for children.


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