Sunday, 29 November 2009

Garden delight

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On our weekly walk we past an Alpaca farm  Alpaca's are lama's They are very easy and intelligent animals.
Don't they look gorgeous

Our garden is a delight this time of the year. The white flowers are from the cactus They bloom only short but several times they show these white beauties.
The plant behind the tin man is a kiwi fruit. Hopefully in the coming years we can eat a kiwi out of our own garden. The climbing roses were swept of the fence by the wind. So the garden door looks like a secret hidden entrance and in the right corner you see my favourite flower


  1. I think alpacas are the most charming animals.

  2. The cactus bloom looks out of the world, though i have heard never got a chance to look at one.

    The tin man looks cute and the Kiwi..i see. Hope it bears fruits in the coming years.

    Climbing roses look fantasic two and the white picket gate adds a real-book-style garden picture for me.

    Beautiful treat...Thank YOu Marja.

  3. Forgot to add, the Lamas look stunning with their white fur coat....all new to me. Thanks a tonne for sharing.

  4. Beautiful animals those lama´s are. Like to have one! :)

  5. Don't they have the sweetest faces, these alpaca's! :-) Beautiful shots!

  6. Really beautiful garden photo´s!My garden looks at the moment only brown and grey without colours!Really sad!

  7. Beautiful animals; you live in a dream world. Is this your garden; I wished I could see this in reality. The flowers are so beautiful

  8. I am spinning the white alpaca wool right now. It is so soft and silky, it is beautiful.

  9. The alpacas look very surprised about something. Great pictures.

  10. Loved those pics...especially those animals:)

    Have a nice weekend:)



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