Sunday, 8 November 2009

Guy Fawkes

Saturday night we went with a van with 5 youngsters to Rollerston. A big firework had already taken place
in Brighton last Thursday. The weather was slightly chilly at night but we kept warm by walking over the fair and after that with a picknick of candy to top up the sugar levels,we danced on the fantastic music of the army band. At 9.30 the lights went of and the spectacle began of the fizzling, crackling explosion of a thousand bright fireflies, spiders with bright red arms crawling up the black sky, golden stars cascading above us and a fountain spraying silver glitter ligtning up the horizon. Real magic lifted everybodies spirit for the moment to be


  1. I heard the Rolleston ones were good - lovely photos!
    We saw the Brighton ones from our house - while we walked our stressed dogs!
    I miss being out on a rural 5 acres at times...

  2. What an exciting fireworks display.
    I really miss the ones we had in England when I was a child.

  3. Marja- looks like a nice time. can almost feel the cool night. Take care~rick

  4. Loved the fireworks....indeed they look like fountains spraying silver glitters up against the black sky.

    Good times.

  5. I just love watching fireworks, specially the big organized events with the real big sparkling sky rockets. I was able to sit on our deck at home and watch everyone else's crackers being let off.
    Great photos you got.

  6. Beautiful photos! Fireworks are so magical arent they?

    Marja, I followed your directions on setting up the blog to upload photos extra large! Thank YOU! I had no idea how others were doing it. I was actually considering moving my blog to another blogger site because I wanted to display my photos in a larger manner.

    I posted a piece this morning to experiment. LOVE it.

  7. Fireworks displays are still one of my most favorite things. When I was a child we had a huge community display every Fourth of July along Winyah Bay. The grownups would sit and talk drinking anything from lemonaid to beer and the kids would run around playing.

  8. Wow...very beautiful photo´s of firework!You have a good camera!My camera don´t like to take pics in the darkness!


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