Sunday, 31 January 2010

A nice summer day

I am still busy with work and a bit of study but also have time for other things. After we looked for eggs in the garden, we went for a walk. Yes it is like easter here everyday. Our chicken found a way to escape their coop. First we put them back but they enjoy the garden so much that we let them walk around. They continued to lay their eggs in the house in the coop, but since a few days one made a new nest under a tree and we think there might be eggs somewhere else. The cat and the chicken just pas each other as if they don't know any bettter lol. Anyway here some pictres from today

I received this bouquet of roses from the board of Trustees at work. My boss got one as well Isn't it gorgeous. I am so lucky. The bouquest in the right down corner is from our garden.

Today is finally a warm summerday again. We had lots of rainy days. So out and about to Bradley Park .

This time we did the Gully track which was even better than the last one, mostly through the bush and on the top these views
There was some wildlife on the track as well. William just kept pace with the cows in front of us, untill she thought it was enough and she turned around and looked at us. We thought it was time to go through the grass in a big bow around her.


  1. Easter already, Marja? We've just managed to get through Christmas.

    Oh my,the passage of time.

    These pictures are beautiful. They capture the landscape and its movement beautifully.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. What a beautiful country.

  3. Hi Marja
    Thanks for sharing your nice summer day with us!
    The pictures are beautiful!


  4. Stunning pictures, of a place that has to be close to paradise.

    The cat and the chicken just pas each other as if they don't know any bettter lol.

    My grandparents told a story about a chicken they kept in the late 1940's that became best friends with a neighborhood dog. The story went that the two never were far from each other with the dog protecting the chicken from cats.

    Now the sad part of this story was that my grandparents only kept the chicken for food. This was a time when they were still quite poor so no matter how much it might have been funny watching the canine and the poultry chase cats the chicken at some point ended up in the pot.

    The chicken got revenge though, all my uncles, mom, grandparents, and a few others who ate dinner with them that night all swear the bird tasted like dog.

    And yes, the dog was heartbroken.

  5. Wat een prachtig boeket rozen heb je gekregen maar..... kreeg je dat zomaar, of was het uit waardering voor iets dat je hebt gedaan op je werk? :-)

    Ik hoop maar dat het voorjaar hier ook niet meer zo lang op zich laat wachten. Het is de laatste twee maanden wel raak met al die sneeuw en kou hier. Het dagelijks leven wordt wel behoorlijk ontregeld op deze manier.

    Het verhaaltje over de kippen en jullie kat deed mij denken aan een paar filmpjes die ik eens had gezien op YouTube. Zoeiets dus :-) :

    Zo.... misschien moet je nu nog iets vertalen voor anderen. hahaha

  6. Love the pictures! I'd move to New Zealand after my kids grow a bit more!! Any jobs in the tech sector?

    I miss summer. It's winter here, and althought it hasn't been a harsh one (at all!), I still really miss summer.

  7. we still have snow here and i'm looking forwart to next year when I wil enjoy summer in New Zealand again.

  8. Beautiful pics. Love the flowers.

  9. Lovely bouquet and beautiful scenery after your long walk, the cattle look fairly docile, but better not to find out otherwise.

  10. Wonderful sunny summer photo´s! Here we have endless snow,snow,snow and I miss the sun!
    Enjoy your sun!

  11. What a beautiful view! I was just thinking how your park could be in the UK, but we don't have views like that, not unless you are up in Scotland, or the Lake District!

  12. Hi Marja! Sorry for the absence, but this starting of the year has been even crazier than usual!

    It looks wonderful down there... The picture of the lake (?) and the mountains is awesome!!

    Blogtrotter 2 is departing Miami by sea. Hope you like it and have a great week!!

  13. love the refreshing bouquet of flowers, you really deserve one. your shots, it's just make fall inlove with NZ. enjoy every moment marja! :)


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