Thursday, 11 March 2010

Soldier at war

Hi I am working full time now and doing things I enjoy  I am exhausted though every night, so not much time to blog. Another younger family member started to write He had to write a poem about war and I published the poem for him

Death upon the horizon
By D Blom

There was a misty wind full of smoke
and dust drifting below
at the village I looked upon
with a tear running down my eye
knowing that our bombs had cursed the lives
that were innocent and harmless.
our mission was to kill and bomb the enemy

The multi-million dollar drug industry controls the mid west.
"For the better" my sergeant always said.
The name of the game was to take out the enemy
really turning the other eye to death
The cold environment around you
helpless people everywhere

As I had thoughts about the environment
I pondered about the contract I had signed
that put me into a hell hole of a place
I saw my self as a fighter
for freedom,
to fight for the public
enslaved by government
that can't really do anything
about it.


  1. I very much liked the poem, soldiers are often cast as mindless robots obeying orders or true believers pursuing ideological crusades. While there is truth to each of those assumptions many of us see, or at least come to see the destruction wrought by our hands but promoted by the powerful whose own children are never in harms way.

  2. Marja I can see why you were over the moon when you read this poem your son wrote.
    It is very moving, a good story which has real emotion in it.

    If this is the first poem he has written, I hope it is the first of many as he is very talented.

    Peggy xx

  3. In this poem the persona indulges in introspection and reflection. The poem makes heavy use of imagery and word association to quickly convey emotions. I have to say that the poem is profound with many layers of understanding as it mirrors the present state of the world using the metaphor of a combat soldier reflecting on many issues confronting mankind today. This poem falls into the category of “Dark Poetry” as seen in the opening lines: “There was a misty wind full of smoke and dust drifting below at the village I looked upon with a tear running down my eye”.

    Our lives are filled with all kinds of emotions and this budding poet is using his talent for poetry in a profound way to draw attention to a world out of control as seen in mankind’s inhumanity, environmental degradation and devastation. The persona closes on a sad note of frustration at what seems to be blanketing Generation Y’s lack of empowerment to do anything about a world spinning out of control.

    This is a very insightful poem and I found much enjoyment reading it. I can’t wait to read more of his poems. Keep up the good work in poetry as you use your creativity to transform sad, dark and painful feeling into beautiful and compelling Free Verse poem. Thank you very much for sharing.

  4. Marj a really moving poem full of deep thoughts and emotion. You must be very proud of your son. Bob

  5. That's exactly the poem I agree with. War is hell!
    This reminds me of the Australian protestsong:"And the band played Walzing Mathilda..."
    Thanks for publishing this poem.

  6. great poem, my compliments. it's realy sad that there is always a war somewhere in the world and that people are always fighting.

  7. I agree with all comments...great poem,Marja!


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