Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lyttelton harbour


                   Weekend walkabout in lyttelton Harbour

                    Weekend walkabout is hosted by KB

Christchurch not only has its own airport but also its own harbour. Lyttelton Harbour which is one of our favourite places. It is like a little town with a town centre and farmers market on a Saturday. Lots of artist live here and there are cosy cafes.

We walked up to Timeball station in Lyttelton from which you have a great view.

View on Diamond harbour

A long train is driving into the harbour bringing kohl  from the mines on the West coast

About 1200 ships visit Lyttelton each year and we see more and more cruise ships coming in which is good for Christchurch

London Street, the main street in Lyttelton Can you see the big crack on the theater on the right

One of my favourite cafes with an atmosphere. Jazzy music is playing on the background and we settled down on an old couch ( an ouwe zooi vond mijn broer toen we op het terras erachter zaten :)  )
  mmm this was my lunch ; a quiche with pumpkin and other yummy stuff


  1. I dream of a cruise, but my husband isn't interested.

  2. What a nice virtual sightseeing with you ! The cruise ship invites to a trip !

  3. Ja, heerlijk zooitje in je favoriete cafe, maar heel gezellig en bijzonder.
    Wished I was there and could sail into your harbour!
    Prachtige foto's, geeft een goed idee over hoe het daar is!

  4. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm! that quiche looks great! And what a beautiful place this is!!!!!!! I would LOVE to visit here!

  5. Thanks for sharing. You truly live in a great part of the world.

  6. About 1200 ships visit Lyttelton each year...

    With the way I love cruising I am sure to be on one of those someday.

  7. Your photos are lovely and I'm so happy you like my weekend walkabout pic.


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