Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nor'west Arch

 Weekend walkabout hosted by KB. Again a walk on the beach because it was so, so hot and walking with your feet through the water relieved a little heat.

After we had a walk on Sumner beach we drove up the hill to make a picture of  South Brighton. Last time we walked on the far end to the right of the picture on Brighton beach. You can also see the Nor'west arch clearly. It shows a blue belt with  a cloud stream above it. It is typical for the Canterbury region in New Zealand and it means very dry hot weather and today we reached a top temperature of 40 degrees celsius (104 degrees fahrenheit) which is an unusually hot for Christchurch.


House with a view in Sumner

I love the rocky shore

This one lost some bits and pieces during the quake

The cave rock in Sumner with the lighthouse on top. The Maoris called the rock Tuawera which means "cut down as if by fire", which means that many people had died by eating the flesh of a whale that stranded here.The rock represent the whale and is therefore a sacred place to the Maoris.

Clock tower in Sumner
The wind blows hard but it's a fohn wind, called snow eaters (in the winter) because the wind is soooo hot.


  1. Awesome pictures, always love to see the ocean.

  2. Fohn wind. a pretty description for heated wind, much like our santa ana's. those are the hot winds that whip up the fires we are struck with so often in california.

  3. Wow!, Marja, these pictures bring back some memories for me!
    And so did The Dutchess' post to you - how extraordinary!
    Happy Sunday,
    Jacoba (from a stormy Holland).

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I could gaze at and enjoy these all day long! What a wonderful section of the world!

  5. Yeah, great shots. Beautiful views. Can't wait until it's Summer, or even Spring, over here. Longing for a bit of warmth and sunshine ;-)

  6. The rocky shoreline round Sumner looks fascinating! Love all those rock shapes!

  7. Love the pics. It's too hot here too. Thanks for sharing with Walkabout my friend.

  8. Wasn't it hot!!!!!!

    We saw the northwest arch too - and took some lovely photos in the evening.

  9. Oh Marja,I love your pictures and I wish I could be there too.Awesome pics!You make my day much better!Thank you!

  10. Lovely scenery, excellent landscape and gorgeous pictures!


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