Saturday, 12 March 2011

Quake and Tsunami in Japan

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Yesterday night we were all night glued again to the Breaking News of the 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami with waves of more than 4 metres high. It's only such a short time ago that we were glued to the TV of the continues coverage of the Christchurch earthquake.
This time we saw the waves swept into the coast of Japan, like a monster grabbing everything on its way, cars, houses anything.
Thousands of people  are evacuated because of the risk of a nuclear meltdown as the cooling system of  the Fukushima plant failed.
A risk of an another Chernobyl. It is still vivid in my mind what happened 25 years ago. Back then radiation had a devastating effect on health and the environment in Russia and Europe.

In Japan fires break our everywhere. So many people will have lost their lives. As I am now able to understand a disaster on a deeper level , knowing about the horror and fear I am more shocked than ever.. This  one is so enormous, so overwhelming, so tragic.
Many New Zealanders live and work in Japan and there are many Japanese people living here. Many people here are now in agony to find out if their family or friends are safe.
I don't know if it is because I am now more focused on it,  but it seems to me that these horrible disasters are on the increase and makes me think; What is going on? It's time to change our lives. live more concious, don't hang on to material things , care about each other, care about the environment. Live can change dramatically anytime.

Now I can just  give my deepest sympathy to the people of Japan and pray to give the people of Japan courage, strength and support. Arohanui marja


  1. Devastating news, Marja. We share this planet. It affects us all but most especially those in the middle of these cataclysmic events. I too send my best wishes.

  2. My thoughts exactly. I'm watching coverage right now, the video is incredibly sad and just horrific. I cannot even imagine being in their shoes.

  3. This news is so awful. My husband is a water engineer, so he is very interested with the tsunami.

    You have everything back to normal now?

    We have some kids from ChCh in school.

  4. Another country devastated by a horrific earthquake and tsunami. The cars look like toys being thrown in a tantrum! Incredible power in those waves!

  5. The fury of nature knows no bound. I believe many might be asking 'why must this happen?'. I have no answers for that. It is futile to try to answer these natural phenomenons with our limited perceptions. My sympathy and prayer goes to all of them.

  6. Kia Ora Marja

    what else can we do but send our prayers, thought and everything for a speedy rescue. So tragic. A number of my friends in the Japanese Red Cross are leading the rescue effort and they have some of the best hospitals, trauma doctors and nurses. so the Japanese Red Cross will make a difference there.

  7. Hi Marja! You know how an earthquake is, better than I. How are you yourself? Is everything back to almost normal?

  8. Actually Marja I was concerned about you guys down in New Zealand. When I heard the tsunami warnings went all the way over to North America and down to New Zealand I figured you all were about to get a double whammy.

    The tsunami had pretty much died out by the time it got to California, at least that is what I believe to be the case except for some boats getting damaged.

    Hope you guys are okay.

    All these disasters tell me one thing, we are all in this together and we need to realize this quickly because with nearly seven billion people on the planet when Mother Earth shrugs her shoulders and moves the human pain and suffering will ripple in some way to us all.

    One final word of concern I do have is that each corner of the Pacific Ring of Fire has been hit with a massive earth quake now except North America.

  9. Beach There is no relation ship between the earth quakes and they seemed to happen completely random like in the lotto so the change that a country is next and when that change is for everybody the same. You can't tell. SO don't worry otherwise you don't have a life anymore

  10. Ann and reader will, everything is back to the new normal. We had to have a long drive today to get some relaxation as we can't go in the hills, not allowed to go in the forest, The central city is and will be closed of for a long time etc. On the other hand we have at the moment jobs to go to and the kids go back to school on Tuesday. The routine helps a lot to feel a bit normal again.

  11. Bob Thank god for the red cross.
    I have seen here what a fantastic job the red cross does in such difficult circumstances. Kia kaha

  12. Absolutely, Marja.

    When do we begin?

    Love you,


    It's time to change our lives. live more concious, don't hang on to material things , care about each other, care about the environment. Live can change dramatically anytime.

  13. I, too, have been watching the news and all the suffering and sadness. Perhaps because these images are so easily spread across countries now with technology, it does seem as if disasters are happening more and more. We find ourselves anxious sometimes in BC as we’ve been told to expect a big quake here. When? Nobody knows, of course. I’m glad to hear there is some normalcy coming back into your world, as that must help a lot. Sometimes the unexpected can happen crossing the street so worrying is not a solution. As always, my best wishes to you and yours, Marja!

  14. Very shocking to hear and see all about the events in Japan.

  15. I have no words for this disaster in Japan!
    My thoughts and prayer with everyone there!
    I am glad that the hostfamilies in Japan where my daughter was are okay because they live around Tokyo and Osaka.But I am worried what´s happend with the nuclear clouds now...


  16. Just when we think that nothing worse can happen to us, something does. It sure puts life in perspective.

    Praying for New Zealand, Marja, and now Japan as well.



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