Monday, 13 June 2011

Bad news from quake city

Liquifaction pooring into the streets as you see above. Serious rock falls in Sumner and other places, people evacuated, 50.000 people without power, many without water, Buildings fell down, most luckily in the central city etc

At 1 pm a 5.5 quake struck. I was at work and everything was shaking like hell. It was frightening. Luckily it didn't take too long and we could breath again. I had a client, no time for lunch, so I had to hop over to the shop for some food after 2 pm. I talked to a shop keeper who said that a building in Stanmore street had collapsed with 2 people in it. Later it was found that the building had been cleared. Anyway I got my lunch, stood at the zebra and the violent shaking started at 2.20 pm A 6.3 magnitude I learned later. I nearly fell down. It was if you stood on a ship in a wild storm. It was scary and I said loudly shit to a man next to me. Yes he said calmly, staring into nowhere.. The power was off at work, people came out from under the table. We all went home.

OK it is enough now, mother earth, you had several horrible goes at us, but now it is time to think about all these people here. Time for you to bugger of and leave us alone!!!!  You heard me don't dare to shake things up here again deal with me. I'll kick you.


  1. Just spoke to my daughter, all is well with them but it was grand-daughters first day at school, not a good memory for her and the school will be closed tomorrow for building inspection. Glad you are well. x

  2. Must be truly awful to get Marja threatening violence! Our thoughts are with you. Stay brave.

  3. Quake City, indeed. How terrifying, and Mother Earth keeps on doing it. Glad you are all right. I wonder if you sleep at night!

  4. Marja, I can understand your anger at yet two more quakes. Glad you are OK. Not good. I have quoted you on my blog. I hope you are OK about that.

    Take care, Bob

  5. So glad to hear you are safe after another wicked aftershake Marja.
    And in very good voice too!!!
    I spoke to Stoneweaver and she is safe too but very unsettled.
    Mother Earth has been warned and I hope she listens.
    Big heart hugs my friend.
    Peg xxxx

  6. Your "new" normal sounds horrible. I keep praying that it will stop. I just want you to know there are people in the USA praying and staying concerned about you Kiwis.

  7. Who can relax and NOT be angry under such tense conditions, Marja? My heartfelt wishes are going your way. I hope you don't mind but I will add a link to your site as a postscript on my blog today.

  8. Hi Marja! I am glad you are able to write about the quake, for I've just heard about it on the news. I am so sorry for all people involved. The earth is really causing all kind of disasters. It's frightening! Please take care and know that my thoughts are with you.

  9. Prayers and good vibes going your way. Hope Mama Earth decides to take a break on all the shaking sometime soon.

  10. Visiting you from my friend AKA Penelope's blog, when she mentioned you'd suffered more earthquakes. The experience sounds dreadful for you, and, like Miss Footloose, I wonder how you can sleep at night.
    Thinking of you from the Canadian prairie, where I worry about Penelope, and my family, all living on an earthquake fault-line on the beautiful BC Coast.
    Please be well.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  11. How terrible. It is time for a good calm period. Keep well.

  12. Oh Marja, I'm so sorry that you've had to endure two more earthquakes. It must be so frightening and I can understand your anger. I'm glad you are okay though. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all that this was the last one.

  13. Love you, Marja!

    Hope you and yours are fine.


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  14. O Marja it is so good to hear from you! I kept checking! Always sending strength your way!


  15. Such terrible, terrible news, Marja.
    As you said, it's enough, Mother Earth.
    I keep you in my good thoughts!
    Be safe, always!

    Margie x

  16. Thanks again all for your care. I am back at work again and that put my thoughts of things. The anger was just in the moment. Looks a bit silly a day later :)

  17. Marja, may you find equilibrium again. It sounds so awful and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Let's hope that the earth can relax a bit after releasing so much tension.

  18. Wow, another one! Geez, yes, enough is enough! My thoughts are with you my friend.

  19. How terrible!I heard and saw it at TV yesterday and I thought just to you!My thoughts and prayers are with you all,Marja!I wish I could help you.Take care,Marja!


  20. my heart is with you. may these rough times filled with uncertanty pass soon and easily.

  21. Glad you are ok. It was shit scarey up here. So demoralising - and the fear of another. What to do? We just have to carry on I suppose. Take care.

  22. Oh Marja, your beloved NZ is suffering some terrible growing pains. I so feel for all of you. Am very glad you did not hurt yourself in an almost fall.

    I'm confused. Were does the liquifaction come from. Is it from broken pipes beneath the surface?


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