Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Half a century of me

My eyes don't seem too clear
I'm not sure what I hear
It seems I'm going dear
Over the hill

I've got 50 years behind me on the 24th (dutch time) It went fast and a lot has happened. One of the  biggest things I did in my half a century was having children and moving to New Zealand. Both great choices and both hard work. I was a full time, part time mum for a long time and since a couple of years I slowly got back into nearly full time work. I enjoy it and feel that I am doing more things than ever before. I know now what I like, what I want and don't want and feel good being myself. That has been different in the past. When I was young I was very shy and just cruising. I had no idea where I was going for a long time.
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I think back to the time when my parents became 50 and I thought they were extremely old. We also made a Abraham and Sarah for my parents. In Holland they make a big doll (with a jacket or dress stuffed up with hay and they use often a mask for a face) and place it in the front of the house so that everyone can see that you've seen Sarah (or Abraham in case you're a man). Which means that you've become 50. The Sarah tradition in the Netherlands honors a woman gaining wisdom through experience and is a major birthday. I won't celebrate it big time. We go out for dinner with the family and in the weekend some friends come over. I also planned some fun events in the coming months. Watch this space.


  1. Happy birthday, Marja. Welcome to second half of your life.

  2. no matter the time zone
    you're in the birthday zone.
    best wishes for happiness all around.

  3. Heartiest congratulations, Marja. May you have many more healthy and happy years ahead.
    50 is the new 35! I have an acquaintance who recently turned 93, and he claims to still feel 20!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I'll never reach 50, I stopped counting at 39 and my wife claims I act no older than 12.

  5. Happy Birthday Marja. Have a blessed time and many more years of joy.

  6. Happy birthday and coming of age, Marja - from a fellow Virgo (it's my birthday today).

  7. Van harte gefeliciteerd! En nog vele jaren in gezondheid.

    Just thought you had to hear it in Dutch too ;)

    Loved your pictures.

  8. Hope all went well on the day, Marja, and that your weekend and later upcoming activities add to your happy memories of this special time.

  9. many more happy returns of 24th. May health and happiness stay with you all the years to come. Would look forward to read more of you.

  10. I wish to spend your next 50 years in peace and joy!

  11. Love your thoughts on age, Marja, and love coincidence that our birthdays fall in the same month, mine being today. I am half a century plus 9 and wonder where all the time has gone. Thank You!

  12. Lovely post and thoughts about your birthday!Happy belated birthday to you!Health and luck to you and your family!



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