Friday, 19 August 2011

National Anthum NZ

When I hear the national anthem and see these beautiful places  of NZ a teardrop appears.  Don't get me wrong I love my homecountry Holland very much. It is the land of my family,one of my best friends lives there. It is the land of my past. I have lots of great memories of Holland and mis it. I lived there for 37 years. Holland is also cosy, the dutch have a great sense of humour, beautiful buildings, yummi cheese and drop etc. but.......eventhough holland has a place in my heart, NZ has touched me at the core. It has touched my soul deeply. I feel connected to the beauty of this country. Earthquakes aside I couldn't imagen a better place to live, it is my country now.
 I will be visiting kaikoura this year and in October my favourite place the West coast of the South Island. This time we stay at the Punakaiki I am looking forward to it


  1. Marja, what an awesome song! I know we use such platitudes often but this song truly is inspiring not only as a National Anthem but also as a way of life. The land and seascapes of NZ are breathtaking and I find it interesting that the focus of the piece is more about nature than manmade structures. Thanks as always for sharing your world. I can certainly see how this place has captured your heart. :)

  2. I felt touched by this post, and the way you have opened your heart to the magnificence of this land.

  3. Oh that's beautiful! And I was just telling my husband about your blog the other day - about how beautiful the pics are that you post. :o) I've put NZ on the top of my list of places I want to go.

  4. What a beautiful song Marja, believe it or not but I was touched by the voice and the lyrics then I got something in my eyes...

  5. Gorgeous video!
    Wonderful National Anthem.
    NZ is so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing, Marja.

    See you in October!
    Be well, be happy!

    Margie x

  6. Beautiful song, Marja! I can understand that you get tears in your eyes. New Zealand is such a beautiful country! Have a great weekend.

  7. My sentiments too, I consider NZ my second home and I too have a tear listening to this.

  8. Born in Holland, lived in NZ from 1951 to Dec 1959 and LOVED this country. Moved to canada in 1960. Was homesick to NZ for a long time.. Loved your web and the great pictures!!.
    Ray Hulstein Surrey BC Canada.


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