Monday, 15 August 2011

A polar blast has come

A polar blast has covered our place, city and nearly the whole country in snow. It is going to take days before it is over this time

No this is not from last time, new fresh snow has fallen on our house

Colour, shapes and snowflakes
Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity;
so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. 
Henry David Thoreau

Roads are once again too slippery for our car wheels. This time I bless the day and enjoy making photos, reading by the fire, eating crackers with hummus , writing a little poem and playing a game. Couldn't imagen a better way to relax. Just a walk would have made it complete. The snow and me couldn't have picked a better day because according to my daughter it is Internation Relaxation Day today!

Crystal Thoughts
By marja Blom

Awakened by cold surroundings
gathering around a heart of fire
thoughts crystallise in flakes
unique carvings of the mind

Blending into a blanket of purity
covering earthy longing
with a soft touch
knowing that eternal light

will transform into beauty
trancending knowledge
that all is water
from the same source


  1. Looking forward to some winter weather here in the months. May hold off on my much delayed trip to the coast until it cools off in October, walking a cold and windy beach is awesome.

    Great pictures of the snow.

  2. What again!? That is unusual for Christchurch isn't it? Stay safe, stay warm! A snowman perhaps?

  3. How wonderful to spend International Relaxation Day tucked up at home safe and sound.
    Love your poem Marja, you have a wonderful gift my friend.

    Warm hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  4. Thanks Marja. Enjoy the winter blast. I was talking to my daughter a few minutes ago and she has been snow boarding in Cashmere today. It must remind you of your childhood in Holland.

  5. This is a chilly yet picturesque reminder of snowfall, Marja, when it is still summer in my world. Oh, the shock the daffodil (pictured in your collage) must have felt when it sprung to life before winter finished having its say. Snow when there is no place to go can, indeed, be relaxing … especially when it is a “soft touch” on the landscape as your beautifully descriptive poem suggests. :)

  6. Snow can be treacherous but has its' beauty. Love your photos and your prose too. Thoreau is one of my favorite authors.

  7. Marja, your poem is beautiful!
    I so love the snow but it can cause many problems as well.
    Beautiful pictures!
    Be safe!

    Margie x

  8. your blue clogs are for good luck?

  9. Beautiful! LOVE the snow on the flower photos! LOVELY!

  10. Your winter photos are so beautiful.But it looks more like in Europe as in NZ!So much snow in NZ!I have never thought this.The poor flowers!
    Your german summer at this year is more a early autumn-crazy world!



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