Sunday, 4 September 2011

The biggest hug

Today was a special day for several reasons. Today it was fathers day Happy fathers day to all dads. My hubby wanted to bike and because I started my exercise regime I thought it was a good idea. I walked a total of 4 hours this weekend and I biked 2 hours or 30 km this morning. No not on a  race bike and pressed into one of these fancy biking suits lol. No on a Dutch like bike on which you can sit straight and with a Dutch saddle. The saddle specially brought over from Holland for me. Wearing my jeans and jersey. Tour biking is very rare in NZ and I got stared at by many race and mountain bikers.
Today was also a special day because it is exactly a year since we got woken up violently to a 7.1 earthquake. This was the first of  4103 quakes and they are still going. On thursday we had a 4.8 magnitude one and we are wondering when it will ever stop. So some Christchurch people decided we need a hug and organised a biggest hug day and they hope it will big enough for the guiness book of records.

These alpacas hugged each other today

Before everyone hugged in Hagley park these cute girls gave a Scottish dance performance

The T-shirts of this family say CHRISTCHURCH MY HEART IS HERE

The hugging has started

A long line of huggers going all around the park except for the kid who has something else in mind
and after that a big cheer Yeh Christchurch we are stil going strong!
And last but not least You are all invited to KarenG's Labor Day BBQ   See you there. Bring something nice and we have a chat over a glas of wine.:) or two


  1. Hi Marja .. congratulations on your exercising - well done, good start to your Spring (lucky you!).

    That's interesting to know the quakes are still happening .. and must be quite disconcerting.

    The idea of the Big Hug is wonderful and I do hope it makes the Guinness Book of Records ... that kid - well if I wanted to 'skate' in front of an audience and I had my new board ... I'd be off too .. especially if it was so conveniently situated in one long line .. til the hug turned the corner!

    Love the photos .. thanks - and hoping the quakes lessen .. cheers Hilary

  2. What a wonderful community idea!

  3. Yeh Christchurch!! What a wonderful idea to bring the community together.
    Great photos Marja and very big heart hugs from your friend in Australia.
    Peggy xxxxx

  4. Try as I might I can't get a steady exercise program started. Seems like I can't go more than two days without something "blowing up."

    Great pictures, I like the alpacas.

  5. What a fun and interesting blog, so glad you dropped by the BBQ so I could find it! I follow another blogger who lives in New Zealand, and I remember her writing about the earthquake.

    Thanks for the link, I hope you're enjoying the BBQ!

  6. Oh wow I am your 100th follower, yay!

  7. Seriously, did anyone else just get tears from the line of huggers picture? Wow, that's a powerful sight! LOVE this!

    Hugs virtually from me in Ohio! LOVE your bike! It's very cool!

  8. Happy Fathers Day to your hubby for yesterday. Fantastic exercising. Amazing that it's a year since the quake. Hugs.

  9. Awww … how sweet the alpacas hugging, Marja! I absolutely love this idea of linking in a gigantic group hug. Also, had to smile at that clever child, getting an audience and not being the least bit shy. :)

  10. looks like an absolutely beautiful day! Thank you for sharing it with us! Very nice to 'meet' you. New follower here from KarenG's BBQ)

  11. What a lovely idea - I'm hugging my computer so I can join in!

  12. What a wonderful idea to have a big linked hug. Hugs to you too Marja, through all the after shocks. May peace reign again in Christchurch.

  13. got some stamina.. :)
    i wish i could come and enjoy the so hungry after this :P

  14. I think this hugging is an enchanting tradition.

    A 7.1 earthquake is significant; we had a 7.1 in California in 1989 when my husband and I were on our honeymoon. I can honestly say that our honeymoon was an earthmoving experience :-)

  15. What a great and lovely idea!I am really impressed and I wish I was there too!

  16. How wonderful for everyone to support one another. I feel for you to have to endure so many earthquakes. I grew up in California but never had to endure so much as you have. I love the photos, the Alpacas hugging and of course all the people. Lovely!


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