Sunday, 11 September 2011

Go All Blacks

Part of the amazing opening ceremony taking part in Auckland last Friday night for the Rugby World Cup 2011 Being Dutch I don't know much about Rugby, which is a religion here in New Zealand. There is no escaping from Rugby at the moment and not for the next 6 weeks. I like picking up the great vibes of excitement though surrounding the World cup. The All Blacks made their first win against Tonga, so they are off to agood start.

Christchurch missed out on hosting part of the World Cup because of the earth quake but that doesn't keep them from catching the world cup fever. In Hagley park a tent is set up with a museum which shows how people looked at Rugby on TV in the past.

I remember my grandparents having one of these

Groovy! I had an orange and brown sleeping room in that time and did not like these colours.
The history of Rugby on big boards along the Art Centre. I hope for New Zealand that the All Blacks win and make history. Go All Blacks

and for the rugby visitors some helpful tips  "Welcome people of earth   ;) Good for a laugh


  1. I don't follow Rugby either Marja but I believe that the All Blacks are the favourite according to the bookies. Such a shame that Christchurch missed out on hosting the event.

    I enjoyed the old photos of the past television sets, I can remember all of them well!!

    Also wonderful seeing photos of the Art Centre again and it looks in pretty good nick.

    Peggy xxxxx

  2. I will be glued to my TV for the next 6 weeks.

  3. Rugby is the one sport that sends fear down the spines of most American football players.

    Great old televisions!

  4. I looked at your video on NZ anthem – the photography is stunning. Do you understand some of the language in the first part of the anthem? I love the We are Responsible for Children poem - we certainly are.

    The opening ceremony technology is amazing – hard to believe how all this can be done. On The Journey it is difficult to know which is real and which is illusion – it is a treat to watch.

  5. It was nice to see lots of acknowledgment of Christchurch at the RWC opening.

  6. I'm enjoying the games so much. Go the All Blacks!

  7. I know nothing about rugby but if New Zealand win the worldcup than they are just like the dutch soccer team now, the best in the world. we did not win the worldcup but with points we are now the best in the world so it will be great if New Zealand will be the best in the world to than we can celebrate it together next year when you are in Holland.

  8. Hi Marja ..thanks for posting .. I'm at the library and sound isn't allowed - also not got long left!

    But the photos of the old tvs are just wonderful to see - I remember dark boxes .. but I had a tile table similar to the one in the pic - loved it!!

    Cheers - and go NZ .. that would be great for them to win (just don't tell the Brits) .. Hilary

  9. it looks like the rugby fever is at peak in newzealand...just like the cricket fever takes on in the sub-continent during the worldcup.... and this tv..oh my... the good old days :)

  10. I love those old TVs. So cool!

  11. Oh, that groovy room brought back some memories. Love the psychedelic wallpaper. My room was orange, brown and green then. Slightly sickening combination come to think of it. But everything will come back into fashion one day and I've painted our fireplace orange last week. No joke! It's beautiful. And I painted one wall in my house the darkest brown I could find. Now... if only I can find the right green... LOL (that about the green was a joke).

    Go All Blacks! I don't know anything about rugby either, but I do know that they perform an impressive haka at the start of each game. Love that. I'm off to watch the 'welcome people of earth' link ;-)

    hugs xx


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