Tuesday, 25 October 2011

West Coast Punakaiki, Greymouth, Blackball

Back in town after a lovely weekend on the West Coast with some friends. The first two days we spend at Punakaiki, and one day in Greymouth. My husband wanted to go to Greymouth to see the street races. Greymouth is one of the few places in the world where street races are allowed. I am not in to motor bikes but I enjoyed it anyway and we stuck on a few days to go walking in the gorgeous sub tropical forest at Punakaiki.

When we arrived it was a bit wet but that didn't stop us to walk the Truman track which isn't that long. This beautiful spot is at the car park.

At the end of the track you arrive at the beach where big rocks lie around

We also visited the pancake rocks and the blow holes. The latter didn't spew that much water when we were there as it was low tide

Here we started the track of 3 1/2 hours. Along the river, through the bush (inland pack track) and back along the Pororari river track

Along the first bit we were followed by a few horses and a weka. I walked alongside the horse for a while who seemed to enjoy our company.

Back along the river track

This is a man's world: Burning rubber in Greymouth

 “Blackball, the centre of the universe . . . the part where nothing moves”.

The last night we spend in Formerly the Blackball Hilton, in an old mine town  Blackball where still a few hundred people live. Formerly was added to its name after being sued by the Overseas Hotel chain. We love this old Victorian building with poems and slogans on the toilet and e.g. purple and green rooms. The bikies who came from the race had the same idea and stayed at the Hotel as well, where everybody watched the final of the Rugby World Cup. This was my first game I ever watched  and the good thing was; The All Blacks won !!! Good on them and I am happy for NZ

A few more photos. Double click on it and you can see them in a bigger format.


  1. Great images and a beautiful description of your part of the world.
    I am your new follower and look forward to knowing you

  2. What fabulous photos. That's a part of NZ that I'd love to visit and your blog has inspired me. The coast is spectacular and the bush looks very refreshing to tramp in.

  3. I don't know if it work. Are there fleas in Chch? My husband lived there for one year, and wasn't bitten there.

    Did you go and celebrate with the All Blacks?

    Your photos are a great advertisement for NZ.

  4. sub tropical forest at Punakaiki

    A hauntingly beautiful place, so much it would not surprise me to see a dinosaur come walking out of the jungle.

  5. The tropical forest looks like paradise on earth, Marja. I can almost hear the birds chattering in the foliage as well as the surf slapping the shore of that lovely beach with incredibly shaped rocks. As beautiful as it all is, I love the picture of the horse walking along the road as free as the little bird that is beside it. Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful world. :)

  6. Some superb photos. Glad you had a good time - the west coast has a different pace - and I like it!

  7. Sounds like a lovely trip. I'm sure the horse liked the company!

  8. What gorgeous pictures!
    Heaven on earth!

    Hope you are well and happy, Marja.

    Margie x

  9. I think you just might live in the most beautiful little nook in the entire world.

  10. Fantastic photos dear Marja!I wish I could see such nature with my own eyes!


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