Monday, 5 December 2011

A lazy summer day

While many enjoyed the Santa parade in Christchurch I had for a change a lazy Sunday afternoon yesterday. We did some biking and walking in the morning and just enjoyed the sun in the afternoon.What a delight to do no more than nothing. I have to do it more often. I even was able to write a little poem again although I feel I lost it a bit. The end of the year is busy as summer holidays come up and of course Christmas. I am looking forwards to it.

A few impressions of a summer day:

On our bike ride we discovered a great garden centre with some cool art

We walked along the railway track to the supermarket to buy some refreshments

little puffs, tschu, tschu
old and young ride from and too
entertaining ducks

A peek through a window

A warm Sunday afternoon

 A green blanket dotted with daisies
Flowers wave to the tunes of a chime
the air carries the sound of laughter
from behind the wall of my home
   whispering secrets of a simple tale
of youthful delight

A fresh wind brushes my cheek
in our secluded garden
where invisible dreams linger
of peace invading
the earth
with the calmness of
of a warm Sunday afternoon


  1. the garden with art is real cool :)

  2. I really miss the calm Sunday afternoons I grew up with, the serenity was enforced by two-hundred year old laws that prohibited nearly all businesses from opening on the Sabbath.

    I'm not religious but I wish we had those laws back, they forced everyone to take one day to slow down.

  3. Ah,.to do nothing is not easily achieved, is it? But that can be when inspiration arrives at its best. What a soothing and sweet poem of a peaceful moment in your life, Marja. I’m so glad you shared it here along with your summer as winter approaches in my world. :)

  4. It's fun to see summer somewhere in the world today.

  5. Ahhhhh a lovely poem! I specially like the last verse. Peace invading - like a warm Sunday afternoon. What a beautiful image.

    We had a lovely day too - fossicking on the beach at Birdling Flats.

  6. What a pleasant atmosphere you invoke in this post, through your description, photos and delightful poem.

  7. Hello Marja...I always forget that it's summer there at this time. Seems like a great

  8. I love lazy afternoons. There should be more of them.

  9. Lazy Sundays are the best and it looks like you had a super day.
    I'll be heading your way in February and would love to catch up again.
    Warmest heart hugs
    Peg xxxxx

  10. How delightful to spend the afternoon lazing in the sun and writing poetry. One should do this more often. I love the photo peeking through the window.

  11. Wandering on Sundays is my favourite past-time! Even better when it is unplanned! Your experience looks as if it was very refreshing for the spirit!


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