Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 a year of power

Major Bob Parker of Christchurch had a briefing with seismologists as quakes keep rolling through Christchurch since the 6 magnitude aftershock before Christmas. For example yesterday we had a 5.1 and a 5.2 in the afternoon and last night we woke up from a 5.2 magnitude along with heaps of smaller ones .
The outcome from the briefing was that the earthquakes won't decline in a year or more but it will take decades. So basically we will have to live with it for the rest of our lives. Yes we have considered moving but we have ties to Christchurch.
We've got jobs, houses are not easy to sell, we have friends here and the children do too. Although my daughter is moving up to Wellington for study. But we always loved Christchurch and we are not ready to give up.
The chance on a damaging 7 is very small the seismologist said so that helps.
This is going to be an interesting year but we will make the best of it and their is a good vibe hanging in the air as well.
With 2012 a year of power I don't refer to the earthquakes but it is the title of the video underneath which has beautiful pictures and a soothing voice bringing out a positive message. It felt like a sort of meditation. It helped me to regain my strength.
Monday I am going back to work so I will post less frequently again.


  1. It must be hard to live with such constant uncertainty and yet Marja as you say, it's doable. I believe it's the way people have live in parts of Japan for centuries. It seems we are only guests on this earth. And must accept our hosts hospitality however rough and raw. But then I think of the ingenuity of the Dutch back home in Holland over the centuries. You come from tough and able stock.

  2. Every time I hear of another earthquake in Christchurch I think of you. As you say, you just have to get on with life because it's not going to go away. Have a safe new year.

  3. Thank you for some of the most amazing photos and inspiring words. It is how I aspire to do life and it is not always easy. My heart has been with you this year and I hope for you, your family and for those in Christchurch the strength do endure these changing times for this small corner of earth you have come to love and cherish and to remain its' biggest advocate.

  4. I am so happy you found this video Marja and it helped you regain your strength.
    Peggy xxxxx

  5. Hi Marja .. it's good to know you're being kept informed and can find information out. Just must be slightly disconcerting ..

    Good luck going back to work and with many thoughts for this coming year - cheers Hilary

  6. 2nd time lucky in posting a comment!... I am so happy you are all ok Marja, I do think of you when I hear of an EarthQuake out there..Being Positive is the only way to be.... Stay safe all of you and Many thanks Marja for dropping into comment.. I wish Blogger wouldnt cause me so many problems I am told it could be my browers.. But it cuts me out often.. Here goes from my wordpress login. x Hugs to you x

  7. How strong you all have to be in the face of this news. It's good that you have found something so inspirational and positive to hold on to.

  8. Wonderful video, Marja.
    Be well, be safe!

    Margie x


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