Thursday, 5 January 2012

An abundance of food in our garden

Lots of potential in our garden and hothouse. We already have been eating potatoes and lettuce from the garden and as you see, soon there will be heaps of tomatoes, cucumber, garlic and courgettes to name a few. The courgette, the one with the yellow flower on top, is only a baby, but they get huge. Than there is also the pepper, which we grow for the first time. That's a confusing one for me because in Holland we call a pepper - paprika. We always get heaps and heaps of blackberries which annoyingly attract a lot of fruit flies. I like to put them in my yogurt. Not the fruit flies though or maybe they make good meat.
On the left is our veggie garden which looks quite wild. Next to beans and potatoes there are a lot of gladioli. We already have the veggie garden for many years as my husband enjoys looking after it. The advantage is that we get the freshest product with no chemicals added. Last but not least it becomes a necessity as food prices are skyrocketing and won't get better soon and there are several reasons for it I think;
Because of depleting energy it will get more and more expensive to import food from all over the world to our country.
Furthermore there is a growing world population en the demand will be more than what can be offered in the future unless something changes.
There is increasing debt in the world and because of the ongoing recession prices rise.
This won't happen overnight but it is something to be aware of.
Lots of local farmers markets are coming up in Christchurch and more people start their own veggie garden. I love markets and I think communities are getting stronger because of it as well.
Our next plan is to buy a tank to catch rainwater. After our first earthquake this was the thing we needed the most. Than we will be even more self sufficient.


  1. Good to be self sufficient, Marja, but not so good to read about these fears for the future. Your vegetables are wonderful, so lush and green.

  2. Thanks Elisabeth They also taste good. Iam not really afraid for the future. It is simply advised here in Christchurch to have a supply of water (and torches matches etc) I think all of the things I mentioned are happening right at the moment and I there are advantages of these things happening. Like closer communities

  3. you are commendable. since I got into blogging, I have no motivation for gardening. Today, I planted 4 chillis in pots. These are chillis, spicy not. not capsicums.

  4. There is increasing debt in the world and because of the ongoing recession prices rise.

    I've read a few articles that it would be in the best interest of anyone who is able to learn to start some sort of garden. Another reason for the increase in food prices is market speculation for the very things you mentioned like fuel.

    Frankly, I blame excessive and greedy capitalism for the problem.

  5. I'm in awe of your growing and nurturing skills, Marja. Really amazing. I, on the other hand, have the worst brown thumb.

  6. Hi Marja .. great looking veggies and fruits - I might just pop out, except I don't fancy the earthquakes.

    Great that you're making plans to ensure you have food and to swap with others and keep yourselves stocked over winter ...

    Good luck and hope that water tank can be obtained soon .. Happy New Year and year ahead .. Hilary

  7. Ann My husband is actually the one who deserves the praise He is doing all the work. I just eat it. lol

    I agree Beach Only a small percentage controls and has a high percentage of wealth in the world.
    If it was divided more equally there wouldn't been so much hunger in the world

    Thanks Annie but my husband is the good one

    Thanks Hillary same to you

  8. next mounth I am going to by myself a ticket because I want to see everything in real and want to taste everything out of the garden. it makes me happy that I see my sister two times this year and I am happy that I will see the whole family again. we will have a great time again!


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