Tuesday, 10 January 2012


The second day of our trip in the holidays we stayed in Havelock. Havelock is a little town situated in the Marlborough sounds and is the gateway to the  Pelorus Sound and the Kenepuru Sound. Havelock is the place in the world to eat mussels as there are hundreds of mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds where they cultivate the  Greenshell mussels.

A mussel restaurant in Havelock where you can eat them from the roof

Colourful building with a Tuatara painted on it

A view from a locomotive parked in the street

A little local church

A walking track passes through the cemetery

The boats are all in the harbour Too wet to go out

 I am Dutch so I know that you don't melt from water so up the hill for a walk to look at more water along the way and to reach a waterfall.

Yep we are close

and there it is Worth it yep but because of the ongoing rain the path was very slippery and when we were nearly downhill again I slipped and kept sliding down. I was one big mud pie but I don't show you a photo of that lol


  1. Hi Marja .. wonderful photos - and despite the wet looks fascinating! I've a friend who lives in Blenheim and I must contact her .. thanks for reminding me...

    So interesting to see the history too .. cheers Hilary

  2. you like mussels? The water falls are incredible.

  3. Looks very beautiful but a bit wet unfortunately. I would love to see the last picture you didn't published....

  4. You truly are an adventurer, Marja, to climb such slippery slopes in order to discover these gorgeous waterfall treasures. This town seems to be soaked in a lot of charm amid the mussels and colorful reptile. :)

  5. Yeah, we Dutch aren't made of sugar! ;-) Wonderful photos again. It's so nice to get a view of countries around the world through this blogging thing we do.

  6. ah..cant believe such places really exist in this world... and eating mussels... i would rather not :)

  7. Hey, Marja. I have actually been to Havelock for the mussels many years ago. We ate a place called the Mussel Boys which looked a lot like that place in your picture. I loved it.

  8. Such beautiful photos!
    I would love that mussel restaurant as I do love mussels.
    Had some on Sunday at my daughter's birthday dinner!
    Eating the mussels on the roof, how fun!

    Must have been wonderful to visit Havelock as it's a beautiful place!

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!

    Margie x

  9. What a beautiful town Havelock is! The pictures of the waterfall are outstanding – I hope you did not get hurt when you went down the hill.

  10. Marja, you sure have some welcoming places to walk around.

  11. Rain and New Zealand go hand in hand. It is a very scenic area and the waterfall shots are super. You be careful slipping and sliding . I would like to have seen you as a mud pie.

  12. Oh Marja I would love to see the photo of you portraying a big mud pie!
    Glad you survived to tell the tale.
    Great photos.
    Peggy xxxx

  13. Very beautiful Marja! I love the Marlborough Sound. It's so peacefull there and the scenery is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh and be careful not to slip again!

  15. So glad you were not hurt, Marja, but happy to see such remarkable photos. I love going with you on holiday and so love waterfalls. This one is especially beautiful!

  16. Stunning shots~! Are you a photographer professionally as well?

  17. We were also in Havelock the week after New Years but you were braver than me. It was so wet and rainy I didn't take many photos. I cannot bring myself to try 'green lipped' mussels as we see advertised here in NZ. Just the name freaks me out!! You've captured some lovely shots here.

  18. Thats such beautiful scenes you have captured, thanks a ton for sharing.


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