Friday, 20 July 2012

Back in Christchurch

 In the last month I had a fantastic time in Holland and Italy followed by a treat when coming home in a midwinter warm day and walking in this spectacular atmosphere in Sumner


The haze at the seaside covers the signs of past earthquakes but anywhere else in this part of Christchurch you can't ignore it. Miles of containers to protect people from falling rocks from the cliffs behind it. 

Container smart

Container Art

Resilience rules. More and more containers are transformed by being covered with smart art.

No post about Holland yet? The luxury decease of jetlag prevented me from sorting out lots of photos. Early at night my eyelids drop as they are confused by the change of day and night. Everything is the other way around even the water in the sink spins in the opposite direction. Another weird observation is that the pull of gravity is bigger here then in Holland as the number on the scale is higher. Scientist among you, don't respond. I am still jetlagged you know. Anyway once a week I will give you a drop of Dutch or some insight in Italy. Once a week because I am a working versus mum. Here a link to a great website with an interactive map of Holland to have a first taste. It is in Dutch though. :(    voor de Nederlanders :)


  1. Welcome back, Marja. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your adventures and hear the stories.

  2. So glad you had a good time! I look forward to your photos.

  3. Hi there - the road with the shipping containers is a real eye opener. How soon we forget what has happened.

    Interesting post.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Welcome home. I wondered where you had been. Jetlag is no fun. Looking forward to your holiday photos.

  5. So nice to see you blogging again, Marja … and I am glad that you had a fantastic holiday which was, no doubt, a very busy one, complete with thousands of pictures taken of your journey. I look forward to more and also marvel at the art covering the boxcars at Christchurch!

  6. I am going to join your blog because it's so fascinating.
    Keep up the good work.
    Please visit my blog/blogs to join my page too--thanks a lot.

  7. Welcome Back Marja, and I hope to see more about your trip once you are rested.. thank you so much for dropping into Dreamwalker's at Wordpress..
    It must be a strange site to have all of those containers still there, Wishing you well.. And get some rest... Love to you ~Sue xx

  8. Hi sis, welcome back in Christchurch. I hope you liked it to be back home for a while and I'm looking forward to see you again next year when I will come to you again in New Zealand. miss you already again.

  9. Hi there - thanks for the comment! The next story will probably go up tomorrow or Monday.

    Cheers - Stewart M


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