Monday, 20 August 2012

An inspirational video

A beautiful inspirational video which reminds us that we are all one. Nature is one of our greatest gifts. It gives us oxygen, resources, beauty etc. We are depended on it, but we are taking to much from it over and over and over again, without any respect, without thinking about the future. We are abusing our greatest treasure. Nature gives but as we have seen here during the earthquake it also takes. We can't temper it, we can't control it so just treat it with the greatest respect. We don't need to take all from nature. We need food, we need water, we need each other.

We could live in harmony. Are there still any places where there is still that understanding? Someone I know travelled the world and he met people who didn't owe anything and lived very basically. What he was most surprised about was that these people actually laughed more often in a day then anybody he knew in his own rich country had done in years. These people were not distracted by gathering more and more. They just lived and nature gave them what they needed. This was a long time ago. Things might have changed as more and more of nature's abundance is taken away and is being destroyed.
We lost touch with each other and nature and we are not doing our children a favour. So let's think about it and let us regain our awe for mother nature, let's stop taking from her and she will nurture us and will spoil us with her beauty.


  1. Marja this is truly so true.. Its time to wake up all of us.. This Material world brings us nothing but heartache as we work ourselves into the ground to buy 'Things' We dont need... I did a talk on this very subject only last evening.. Wishing you well my friend..
    And loved the Video..
    Sue xx

  2. ...he met people who didn't owe anything and lived very basically.

    I very much want to dump a lot of the stuff that goes with modern life.

    Great video!

  3. Magnificent rivers, forests and wildlife. Thank you Marja, this is an uplifting reminder of what really matters.

  4. Very important to the world that we realise that the earth is not ors, but we are of the earth. Thank you Marja for sharing this video!

  5. I agree - how can we not take time to appreciate and understand what Nature tells us? There is beauty everywhere, large and small, and we must acknowledge it - or die.

  6. so true
    people who live with less are the richest

  7. So true we need to respect nature and learn to live without destroying it.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sis, have a great day!


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