Sunday, 3 March 2013

Taylors mistake coastal walk to Godley head open

Today a milestone was reached. At least for me. After being closed for ages, because of damage done by the earthquake, the Taylors mistake walkway was officially opened today. My favourite track has been improved significantly. New wide pathways, new steps, fences etc. It was a delight to walk to the top with stunning views along the way. I had to come back on my blog to tell you this!

The new path is about 1.2 meter wide. What a luxury.

The track leads you along the gun placement, a leftover from WW2.

The whole stretch you see above....all new.
In the background you see South Brighton.

Drinking a well deserved cup of coffee on the top, next to an old jeep from 1942 and MB are my initials of course. More interesting however is the little grey building behind the van. This used to be a meteorological hut, taken to the Antarctica for captain Scott in 1911.
In the last 40 years it was in private care of the Crichton family. They have given it to DOC who saved it from a crumbling clifftop in Sumner less than a week ago. DOC placed it on Godley Head and is going to restore it.
left Photo David Hallett  The Press


  1. How great to know it has been improved. I've heard about this walkway and hope to walk it some day.

  2. This looks a beautiful walk.. so loved the photos and felt like I was walking with you ..
    Love and Hugs Sue xox

  3. Marja, how nice to see you back! I heard this news on the radio, but didn't know what the walkway looked like. Now I know - so beautiful; thank you.

  4. Hi bettyl then come along for a coffee if you happen to go for that walk

    Love to see you Sue I tried all ways to post on your blog but it didn't let me. Maybe next time

    Hi Juliet it is beautiful I love the lookout on the ocean

  5. Great to see you back!

    Missed your pictures!

  6. Marja I sorted out your comment you should be able now to use either of your site addresses to comment upon Dreamwalker's Sanctuary ..

    You were unintentionally thrown into the spam box.. But you are retrieved and safely put back in place..

    Here is my reply
    Marja, thanks so much for being persistent and Trying, you got here in the end, and now both your accounts should now have no trouble commenting.. Yes a simpler lifestyle is what is needed, we buy far too much- much more than we need in food, clothes, and ‘Things’ which to decorate our homes or refurbish when what we have is adequate. We live in a throw away world .. But we are going to have to come back to basics.. and a much simpler way of living very soon… Bless you Marja.. Hugs Sue xox

  7. Hello my friend!
    So pleased to see you back blogging and with such a beautiful post.
    Next time I'm in Christchurch I would like to walk this track with you.
    Lovely seeing the new trim you also, you look fantastic!
    Big hugs
    Peggy ♥♥♥

  8. Hi Peggy yeh so good te be back and I would very much enjoy to walk the track with you. I am already looking forwards to it.

  9. Welcome back,dear Marja!It´s great to read from you here again!

    Your photos are really beautiful again.It looks like a great walk!

  10. So good to see you again! Welcome back! As soon as I saw these photos, I called my hubby over to view them too! He used to walk this track when he lived in NZ and was most interested to see how it had survived!


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