Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A door to the world

 Open the door
to access the new
to find possibilities
changing your view

 Let go of the past
which isn't useful for today
leave it behind closed doors
Go and enter a new way

Open the door to your heart
where you find passion
and learn how to paint
 in the colours of compassion

If your whole world rocks
and all falls apart
one door will still stand strong
the door towards a new start

Always leave the door
wide open to your inner child
make life a celebration
let your imagination run wild

Open up to the beauty
of all that is around
love all the living beings
embrace, day in day out


  1. Your door photos and verses are truly beautiful Marja. I really, really mean that my friend.

    Peggy ♥♥♥

  2. What a beautiful series of shots.

  3. The door in the tree is nice, is there something behind?

  4. Nice post, the door of Pooh is very funny. Didn't know he had a real home, ha,ha.

  5. You selected some very special doors, and your accompanying words were perfect.
    Today France became the 14th country to approve a gay marriage law – the most populous country to do so. However there were some unfortunate protests from the conservative far-right. Paris overwhelmingly approved the law but homophobic Catholic super-conservatives from the provinces were bused to Paris to protest. I am pleased that the government did not listen to religious bigots. Just like in the US though, there is a strong vocal minority of religious conservatives like the Tea Party here, and they want to impose their views on the rest of the people. As a French citizen (I have dual citizenship) I am pleased that France did not listen to them but listened to tolerance.

  6. I am pleased that France listened to tolerance and that it became the 14th country! Great Just sad that it has to go like that. Thanks for the update

  7. Christian the tree is hollow. It is on the property of a lady who made it into a playhouse for her grand children It is beautiful

  8. You have some very interesting doors here, a wonderful variety.

  9. Marja, you have given us a wonderful Door into your thoughts dear friend.. So true as one door closes another will open and always leave the door to your inner child/imagination open..

    Such a wonderful post my friend, I so enjoyed this accompanied with your photos..

    have a wonderful week :-) ~Sue

  10. Einfach wunderschön, die Türen und Tore! Tolle Fotos,gratuliere!
    Liebe Grüße,

  11. Wonderful set of doors. I love that last door with such beautiful craftsmanship.

  12. I enjoyed this post of lovely doors and brilliant poetry. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment at my blog. I hope you enjoy your week too!

  13. You've got a wonderful collection of doors. They all have a secret to hide and a story to tell.
    Thanks for your comment! Yes everything is slowly colouring orange now. The baker has orange cookies and cakes with orange icing. The florist has a great selection of orange flowers and vases. We are all waiting for the "big" day!

  14. hello Maria,
    I love doors and this post is very special, you prepared a great selection of images, congratulations and thanks for sharing!

  15. A great collection of interesting doors and apt verses to go with them.

  16. Love those doors, Marja!
    The door of Pooh I love the most... ;))
    Lieve groetjes uit Holland,

  17. These doors are truly exquisite, Marja, and as symbolism powerful. The last photo with young women sitting reminds me that doors are all around us should we choose to open them. And I particularly liked the lines: “If your whole world rocks and all falls apart … one door will still stand strong … the door towards a new start.”

  18. The first one with the green frills is the best.


  20. Great poetry and those pictures of the doors are works of art. The picture of the door with all teh rubble around it is very foreboding to me.

  21. Marja, you can never know how apt this post is for me because of where I am in my life right now. I know I have to open doors to find new opportunities and move on but it's all a bit scary. The picture of the door in the rubble spoke the most to me. Thank you so much for posting these

  22. Very beautiful different doors,Marja!Good choices!

  23. Fantastic collection of shots of doors!

  24. Hi Marja .. I love all of these - such a wonderful selection ... full of hope ... I'd love if it if our Spring would arrive properly .. frosts on the ground and a cold wind .. is a little tiresome!

    Cheers to you and keep warm and dry during your darker days of Autumn and Winter ... Hilary


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