Wednesday, 17 April 2013


A trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy last year with my than 80 year old mum
Thanks to my Blog I started making lots of photos as I didn't want to use copy righted material. I started to love it. I hope this is going to happen too with video. I hardly know anything about it yet. The kids at the computing Club at work love making little movies and I want to be able to help. Last year I uploaded a slide show to my very first You tube where I added music as well. I still have to learn heaps. I didn't have the courage yet to learn anymore so that was it. I plan this year to use video, learn windows movie maker for video editing and audacity for sound editing.
I don't know why I procrastinate with this. Probably because it will cost a lot of time to find all the information of how to do all this. Learning these things cost a lot of energy which I am lacking at night and in the weekend. I feel guilty to do this in the weekend as I have to do the washing and the house and other stuff.
I will just do the washing this weekend and close the door; No one is welcome as I would be embarrassed when the house is not done.
That is probably something I got passed on from my parents. When we got visitors than my mum started quickly tidying the whole house and I still do the same and of course apologising when we didn't manage to get it all done. Now let's plan do to 2 hours of learning to start with. Wish me luck.


  1. Dat is goed gelukt, met muziek erbij zelfs. Het is prachtig daar he, al die huizen tegen de bergwand geplakt. Dat schoonmaken voor bezoek is typisch hollands geloof ik. Ik doe het ook altijd, je wilt niet voor slons door het leven gaan. Rare gewoonte toch, bij een ander denk ik ook nooit wat een rommel.

  2. Nice job, Marja! I'm sure you will be a quick learner to do the things you have in mind!

  3. I completely understand how difficult it is to find time to learn all the new technological options available to people like you who love to create. Time melts when involved in such endeavors … once absorbed in such projects the home front starts looking less than spotless, I’m afraid. :)

  4. Very interesting this place, every visit a great experience, an adventure to go with sumadre 80, beautiful picture!

  5. Marja, I am sure you will master your new hobbie, Loved seeing the video and so enjoyed it.. I am sure the house-work can wait, just this once Lol.. :-) My pet dislike is ironing, and I put in the spare room with door closed until I feel like it. then put on some nice music and then 'Dash away with the smoothing iron' lol...
    Much love

  6. It looks like you're well on your way. Lovely reminder of a holiday we had a while back near there, in the town of Ravello. Stunningly beautiful and I came back with lots of those painted ceramics. Good job

  7. Excellent! I have honeymoon pics on my blog )

  8. Hi Marja .. you've done a wonderful job - loved the music and the scenery is stunning isn't .. I haven't been - one day.

    Good for you to keep learning .. I'm in that mode - after the A-Z .. getting technically with it and learning some new stuff ..

    Cheers Hilary

  9. Well done,Marja!You have done a good job!


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