Saturday, 6 July 2013

Time for walking and biking

Being over 50 means that you can't take live for granted anymore. My 51 year old brother is also struggling with his health. Head up bro! This makes me more aware and more grateful for the good things in life.
I allowed myself some comfort food in the past months but my over 50 body is also a bit of a worry. The food turns me straight into a "chubby mum" as my kids say to me.
Therefore I am spending more time on walking and biking in the weekends.

Yesterday I walked with my daughter over the quarry. We enjoyed the great view on the snow capped Southern Alps

As I take out my camera, my daughter goes into hiding but a nice picture anyway.

Today we had a 35 km bike ride. I am a bit stiff now. A great excuse to go blogging again.

There was a winter market in Lincoln, with a Christmassy theme, mulled wine and a warm winter sun.

The highlight of this small market was this little princess.

We biked back over Tai Tapu. Checked out some old friends who were living there but no one was home. We then had lunch at the local café and biked home.


  1. Hi Marja .. well done on deciding to get out and about .. and lovely if you can do it with your daughter/family ...

    I hope your brother can get over his health issues, or at least put them in a more stable manageable state ..

    I too - must get out and exercise more ... it's happening but not as much as I should be doing ...

    Lovely views ..but the piglet would steal my heart too! Cheers and have a happy week ahead - Hilary

  2. I'm in such awe at your walking and biking skills. I'm so lazy and unfit that even walking to the car in our drive tires me out !!!!

  3. I'm so glad you started blogging again and visited my blog. I viewed several of your posts and enjoyed them all. Best of luck concerning health issues for both you and your husband.. I haven't done a post for awhile so maybe I'll go for a walk (I need to) and I'll get back to blogging LOL.. I like your word " gezelligheid " Have a great day

  4. Such great pictures, Marja.
    Love the hat your daughter is wearing.
    I love walking, my hubby is a big bicyclist, he's out riding now.
    Must have been a wonderful outing!
    I love that piglet!

    And thanks for the visit and kind words.
    Happy weekend. x

  5. Lol … the cute way in which the hat sits on your daughter’s head reminds me of my Penelope character. Oddly enough, I have been thinking of cycling with my daughter, too, as it seems to be a relaxing way to travel around beautiful areas while getting exercise. :)

  6. Fifty is a beautiful age, so you. are right to make the most of it. I am almost 80 and I cannot do what I used to do, but I do my best.

  7. That piggie is gorgeous. Bet you wanted to take it home. Lovely pictures all round Marja. The one of your daughter is worthy of merit!

  8. don't worry sis, I can handle it. I already do worse things experienced and I always stay positive. nice pictures but I miss yours on the bike. still half a year and then we can go together for some exercises. take care!

  9. What a great way to keep fit, and what fabulous views.

  10. Wonderful photos of your walking and biking,Marja!
    All the best to your brother!

  11. Really beautiful shots of quarry and the mountain in the background. Life is a stroll.


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