Saturday, 24 August 2013

Port Levi

It has become tradition that we go  on a day trip on my birthday. This year it was not quite a daytrip but a few hour trip to Port Levi. I have never been there before and actually that's why I wanted to go there. Port Levi is a Bay in Banks Peninsula 12km from Diamond Harbour where we go quite regularly. Nearly 100 people live there but mid 19th century it was an important Maori settlement and about 400 people lived there. Than it was called koukourarata. Talking about Maori. I received a beautiful Koru today from my son. A koru is a Maori symbol of new beginning, so that must be a sign.

The road from Diamond harbour to Port Levi is beautiful

On arrival we past a little gorgeous church

The little township Port Levi

In Port Levi I came across the most beautiful Magnolia ever

Boats at rest 

We spotted some Dalmations at Diamond Harbour :)


  1. Such a scenic place. And it looks like the weather was kind too. And adore those delightful dalmations.

    Happiest birthday to you.

  2. Wat is het toch een prachtig land om te zien. Zo groen en zulke mooie vergezichten. Lucky you om daar te wonen. De dalmatiers zijn leuk!

  3. happy birthday and I hope you had a wonderfull day.

  4. Hello Marja

    I love your tradition of a birthday excursion. My birthday is today, perhaps we share the same birth date.
    Have a wonderful year

    Helen xx

  5. Happy, happy belated birthday, Marja! This is, indeed, a jewel of a place to visit. I could almost pick the magnolia petal off the screen and jump into that lovely peaceful scene where the boats are.

  6. Marja, wishing you much joy today on your birthday.
    Looks like it was a day full of wonderful memories!
    Port Levi is a beautiful place!
    Loved all the pictures.


  7. Marja, first I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and belated greetings for the Happy Day..

    I just loved your photos and for taking us along on your journey... And loved your gift of 'New Beggnings'

    Sending you much love my friend, and may your new Beginnings stay with you and yours always

    Blessings Sue xox

  8. What a sweet church.


  9. Happy birthday! We were in the Diamond Harbor region last year and it was just wonderful (although quite brown) scenery.

  10. Hi Marja .. hope this takes this time - happy birthday and year ahead.

    What great photos - the bay looks fabulous, while the history must offer much. Love the magnolia and those spotty dogs!! stunning ...

    Cheers and hope the weekend is bringing happiness and joy to you and the family .. Hilary

  11. Gorgeous shots! Happy Birthday!

  12. beautiful images...such lovely landscape and so less people..i love such less crowded destinations.

  13. Happy birthday, and what a delightful trip. I've just had my birthday too; we must be close in dates.

  14. Really lovely pictures and I hope you had a wonderful birthday

  15. Once again your pictures lead be to believe New Zealand is the Garden of Eden.

    Happy belated birthday!

  16. Wonderful pictures of NZ!What a great nature!

  17. Amazing photos! You really have a great eye, Marja! :)


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