Sunday, 13 October 2013

Garden delight

Last week we walked the Taylors mistake track. It was hot and nearly at the end, when I was enjoying the view, I stepped in a hole in the path. I fell and sprained my ankle and had a big graze on my knee which hasn't healed yet. Therefore this weekend no walking but I enjoyed our garden. Actually I can't get enough of it so here more garden pictures

Track at Taylors mistake

Bach (NZ holiday home) at Boulders bay along the track

Corner of the hothouse on which a kiwi grows. It didn't produce any kiwis yet as it takes 3 to 5 years. The kiwi is originally from China and when it came to NZ in 1904 it was called Chinese Gooseberry.

A pot in a covered spot

The shrub on the left is a lilac which has a lovely smell. I received it as a small plant on my birthday years ago.

Love this gracious lady. I found out it is called Calla Lilley in English

The headquarters where I drink my coffee


  1. Wat een mooi plekje om tot rust te komen. Een stukje Paradijs op aarde. Beterschap met je enkel Marja.

  2. The headquarters where I drink my coffee.

    Now that looks like paradise!

  3. I can guess why this beautiful track is called a “mistake” as perhaps I, too, would be prone to a mishap there. Glad you are on the mend, though, and what a sweet garden you have to rest your body and soul. With my thoughts on Thanksgiving this weekend I can image your gratitude in these surroundings. :)

  4. Marja, your garden is so inviting, so beautiful.
    I love lilacs and the scent is heavenly, I had a lilac bush in my previous home, miss it!

    So sorry to hear about your fall, I hope healing comes quickly!


  5. Wat een mooi tuin, moet plezierig zijn om daar te zitten met een kop koffie. Het beste met je enkel en knie.

  6. I hope you heal quickly as I know you like to do your walking. Your garden is over the top amazing. Such beauty you helped to create. I have been hard on my knees over the years and thus may have to have them looked at at some point. I hope for you all the best. Take Care.

  7. Oh my goodness you always take the loveliest photos. Love those lilacs!

  8. That looks like a fabulous walk, but what bad luck about your ankle. I hope it heals fast, and meanwhile your garden is full of delights.

  9. Perhaps it should be renamed - Marja's Mistake. Hope you heal soon.

  10. Good narration and wonderful snaps

  11. Hope your foot gets better quickly. The garden is beautiful and having a coffee there must be a delight

  12. Wonderful photos,Marja!I wish I could live there too!

  13. I hope you feel soon better,desr Marja!

  14. Gosh your garden is SO beautiful. Hope your ankle is healing - sounds like it was a mistake taking that track...though it looks stunning

  15. Dear Marja, I hope you are now healed, a sprain is painful I know!.. And so I hope all is now well with you..
    It was lovely to see you at Dreamwalker's and thank you so very much for your wonderful comment on the award... You are eligible by they way to pick it up! :-)
    loved your garden photos.. and Kiwi in your garden, one of my favourite fruits, and didnt know they came from China, so I learnt something new!.
    Loved the Chimney wood burner, we had one similar, but unfortunately Hubby knocked it over when mowing the lawn one day and smash, crash wallop, its now used for containing plants!...
    Enjoy your summer time.. And love your headquarters what a view!

    Love and Hugs Sue xxxxxxx

  16. Surprise :) Hope this note finds you well. I love the photos how beautiful and peaceful it all seems.

    Seems like forever since I was here, so glad I stopped by.

  17. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!


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