Friday, 1 August 2014

Diverse seductiveness

Prompt: sacred threads and marigolds

Diverse seductiveness

Some love marigolds
some radiant roses with velvet folds
and then there is weed
It creeps on its knees
swallowing beauty
But is it true?
Didn't we decide
"we name you weed"
like man declared 'unwanted'
for being different
Aren't there sacred threads
between him and entire existence
all bathing in beauty
which sometimes nestles
beyond the surface
exposed by loving eyes
Don't feed your mind
with fear for undiscovered land
In your heart rekindle a flame
of eternal longing to love
no matter the name
Only diversity can create
an enchanting bouquet
Let your warmth nourish
each flower to unfold
its seductiveness.

marja blom

Photo made on  Ellerslie international flower Show Christchurch 2013


  1. Delightful Marja. I like 'Only diversity can create
    an enchanting bouquet'. that is so true.

  2. Lovely photo and poem. Flowers are seductive.....I love them.

  3. I so enjoyed this.
    Nicely done, Marja

  4. The problem is that far too many people fear diversity. I've met individuals who can't fathom any other way of life than what they believe is normal.

    Great poem!

  5. A wonderful prompt Marja and I love your inspiring responses.
    Long, long ago I enjoyed tinkering with poetry but I find it difficult now.
    My mind is so busy now and filled with things I have to remember - sad I know!!

  6. Such meaningful prose. The labels we give things can sometimes stop us from enjoying something that is perfectly enchanting in its own way.

  7. Een doordenkertje, Marja! You're a philosopher!Thanks!

  8. Dear Marja

    That is a fine tribute and the weeds can often steal the show in a garden. Lovely to hear from you again. Wishing you a delightful weekend

  9. How true, what we call weeds are just flowers with a extraordinary will to procreate. They are no less beautiful by being abundant, just pushy perhaps. It may be that long ago mankind nourished the shy flowers who were being bullied and took up their cause. Pity they didn't do this with all the other created things that they have wiped out. Just watch children gather wild flowers for they will collect mainly weeds; this must tell us a lot!

    1. haha weed is pushy Some might be bullies but maybe they became like that when flowers like the rose pricked them. Yes children are pure and make no differences between anything till their parents say don't pick weed

  10. Weeds do have a bad 'press' but they show many fine qualities..persistence, survival and beauty..lovely piece

  11. Wonderful poem Marja so true we are the ones who give Weeds their names of being weeds, and yet they are perhaps the most beautiful and delicate.. Daisies are our silver, Buttercups are Gold, .. We played this Hymn at my Dads funeral as he loved walking in nature and among the wild flowers.. Thank you for your wonderful poem.. it was beautiful..

    Daisies are our silver,
    Buttercups our gold:
    This is all the treasure
    We can have or hold.

    Raindrops are our diamonds
    And the morning dew;
    While for shining sapphires
    We've the speedwell blue.

    These shall be our emeralds
    Leaves so new and green;
    Roses make the reddest
    Rubies ever seen.

    God, who gave these treasures
    To your children small,
    Teach us how to love them
    And grow like them all.

    Make us bright as silver:
    Make us good as gold;
    Warm as summer roses
    Let our hearts unfold.

    Gay as leaves in April,
    Clear as drops of dew
    God, who made the speedwell,
    Keep us true to you.

    Much Love.. Sue xox

  12. Thank you Sue for sharing this very special poem It is beautiful as nature is a very special treasure indeed

  13. Hi Marja - lovely poem and so true - the

    "Didn't we decide
    "we name you weed"
    like man declared 'unwanted'
    for being different
    Aren't there sacred threads"

    Such a good thought for humanity ... we don't consider we've all got something to give back to life ... whether disabled in some way or another ... weeds too ... as they say 'a weed is a flower in the wrong place, but right for it to grow' ...

    Cheers Hilary

  14. How do I follow that beautiful poem? To me weeds are simply plants with a free will. Nomadic,curious.

  15. Beautiful poem, I didn't realise Sunday Scribblings was back.

    1. Not the same one but Sunday scribblings 2 You have to join us Karen!


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